Thursday, 2 September 2010

Healing your ancestral lineage

Healing the Ancestral Lineage is a powerful meditation that i have borrowed from the Raw foodist Angela Stokes-Monarch, originally given to her by a "Reiki Do Satori" practitioner called Elena Alekseeva. It's a powerful meditation that reminds me of a guided meditation called 'Grandmothers Footsteps' that i did while working with a wonderful Transpersonal Psychotherapist during my MA in Art Therapy. (We had to be in personal therapy for the duration of the course and i chose to work with a Transpersonal Psychotherapist because they look at things from a spiritual perspective, taking into account the journey of the soul.)

This meditation to heal the ancestral line helps to clear any blockages/issues/karma in the ancestral lineage, especially through the female line. This is the outline for the meditation:

Sit or lie somewhere comfortable and warm where you wont be disturbed with your eyes closed and breath deeply to get yourself calm, quiet and centred.

Then visualise yourself as a baby inside your mother's womb. Send love, light and healing into the energetic field around that vision - you can choose to use the "Ho'oponopono" prayer especially, to help clear the energy:

"Thank You, I Love You, Please Forgive Me, I'm Sorry".

Keep repeating this prayer until you feel like the energy in that connection is lighter. Then move backwards a generation, to visualise your mother as a baby inside the womb of your grandmother. Again send love, light and healing into that energetic connection, repeating the Ho'oponopono prayer especially until you feel like something shifts...then move backwards another generation and so on, clearing the fields all the way back through seven generations of women.

It can be a very powerful and transformative experience.

Once you have worked back through all of these generations, visualise clear flowing luminescent light and energy through the whole lineage, from yourself stretching back through all the women who came before you.

You can then choose to visualise this generational healing through your father's side of the family too, starting with him as a male, then moving backwards solely through the female line from there, again from womb to womb.
Once you have completed both lines and can visualise clear, shimmering energy paths through each side, then unite both sides into one vision, with yourself as the current 'end point'.

May your journeys be transforming.

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