Thursday, 27 May 2010 all it takes

I saw the film ONCE this evening and completely fell in love with it and the music.

One of my favourite songs from the film is "Falling Slowly"  It reminds me that that i am so lucky to have experienced great love in my life and the fact that i am with my greatest love, my darling husband is just the best thing ever. I think huge inspiration can be found within love and within a great relationship. This april my husband and i celebrated 10 years of being together and it will be 3 years this year of being married. It is a great love affair and i never want it to end. I remember the first moment when i fell in love with him, or when i realised that i had, as there were many moments where i seemed to wake to the light and warmth and love in him. He was the first man who i could be completely myself with and with whom i felt home. He was the first man who i felt truly saw me. Friends have asked when was the moment that we realised we were together, that we were a couple. Well we never talked about it, it just was, it just happened because it felt right and although there have been difficult times we have always come through it because of this deep love, connection and crucially a sense of humour. He is the best person to have a giggle with and to make me laugh at myself.......thank god! Thank you Andreas i love you with all my heart.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Nothing is impossible when you believe in magic

To take risks and to do things that are life affirming, that make us feel more alive, more here, more in our bodies is crucially important. Without taking some kind of risk in life we would not progress, grow or improve. We don't of course need to risk our lives in order to experience these things but in some way they will be things that will stretch us, challenge us and concentrate us, bringing us back to ourselves and importantly allowing the movement that life needs in order to continue.

Coming across the trailer for the film  "Man on Wire" where Phillipe Petit walks between the Twin Towers on a wire,  i realise that sometimes we have to push ourselves to truly feel alive. To take this kind of risk obviously brings one face to face with death but also ultimately with life. It is inspiring, exhilirating and makes one believe that anything is possible if one believes and wants something enough. There are really no barriers, just illusions.

Man on Wire trailer:

Sundance Festival interview:

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Oh Joy, Joy, Joy

I am sorry for my long absence lovely ones, but i have been away visting friends and family in the UK for a few weeks, which was heavenly. But i also haven't been blogging because i've had rather overwhelming morning sickness (yeah!) and have needed to pile into bed early. Yip yip yipeee i  am so overexcited to be pregnant again and even though it's very early days, as i am only 6 weeks in, and i don't want to tempt fate i am too excited to want to hide the fact and would rather people knew, especially in these early days when i am feeling rather grim with sickness and exhaustion.

We are incredibly lucky, ooh ooh oooh, and i am thrilled at the thought of another child. We are already trawling the name books! I can't imagine though right now what it will be like with two as my love for Theodore is just overwhelming and it is heavenly just to be able to concentrate on him. But i am sure it will be amazing and i think it will be wonderful for Theo to have a brother or sister. I am so lucky to have a brother and sister who i adore so i definately want Theodore to have that too.

I wanted to thank you too for the lovely comments that were added while i was away and to say hello to my latest follower, it is so lovely to think that one more person is reading. I hope now to get back on track with blogging more frequently.
Love and joy to you all.

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