Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Nothing is impossible when you believe in magic

To take risks and to do things that are life affirming, that make us feel more alive, more here, more in our bodies is crucially important. Without taking some kind of risk in life we would not progress, grow or improve. We don't of course need to risk our lives in order to experience these things but in some way they will be things that will stretch us, challenge us and concentrate us, bringing us back to ourselves and importantly allowing the movement that life needs in order to continue.

Coming across the trailer for the film  "Man on Wire" where Phillipe Petit walks between the Twin Towers on a wire,  i realise that sometimes we have to push ourselves to truly feel alive. To take this kind of risk obviously brings one face to face with death but also ultimately with life. It is inspiring, exhilirating and makes one believe that anything is possible if one believes and wants something enough. There are really no barriers, just illusions.

Man on Wire trailer:

Sundance Festival interview:

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