Saturday, 22 May 2010

Oh Joy, Joy, Joy

I am sorry for my long absence lovely ones, but i have been away visting friends and family in the UK for a few weeks, which was heavenly. But i also haven't been blogging because i've had rather overwhelming morning sickness (yeah!) and have needed to pile into bed early. Yip yip yipeee i  am so overexcited to be pregnant again and even though it's very early days, as i am only 6 weeks in, and i don't want to tempt fate i am too excited to want to hide the fact and would rather people knew, especially in these early days when i am feeling rather grim with sickness and exhaustion.

We are incredibly lucky, ooh ooh oooh, and i am thrilled at the thought of another child. We are already trawling the name books! I can't imagine though right now what it will be like with two as my love for Theodore is just overwhelming and it is heavenly just to be able to concentrate on him. But i am sure it will be amazing and i think it will be wonderful for Theo to have a brother or sister. I am so lucky to have a brother and sister who i adore so i definately want Theodore to have that too.

I wanted to thank you too for the lovely comments that were added while i was away and to say hello to my latest follower, it is so lovely to think that one more person is reading. I hope now to get back on track with blogging more frequently.
Love and joy to you all.

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