Tuesday, 2 October 2012

A New Way

I found one of my notebooks on clearing out our attic yesterday and in it my morning pages (a stream of consciousness) from last november which in reflection seems to be about the 11.11.11 Time portal/Stargate . On reflecting about the past year and the way many people have been pushed into living their truth, in other words not hiding from what they feel is the right and true way for them, i really do think that deep changes and big shifts have been happening.

"Stargate- the opening, the awakening, the portal. A clear wide open channel/doorway for utter connection, total renewal, transformation, a wholeness and healing on every level including the old mental attitudes shed and new whole ones formed, a new way, a new walk, an old remembrance a remembrance of the old way. Vulnerabilities, vulnerability stepping out, arms wide open, free, new direction threatens the old, but it has reached a tipping point, the new way is stronger than the old so it will break down the walls and previous borders and boundaries will shift or will be removed all together. Wide open, transparent, new wave is the new way. Trust, honesty, truth will be the the new tenants to stand by-people know the truth because they sense it, they will listen to this/these feelings and go where their intuition says it is safe and reliable to go. No more capitalist lies and greed. It is all about the community, the common good, working together for the greater good-support, relationships, a process of community, family and relation that makes everyone accountable/responsible. We all need to step up to create the world we want to see and live in."

A few days before, this was in my morning pages:

"Stars so bright, dancing, sparkling, hanging in your path, shimmering, reflecting light, jewels of radiance, happiness, connection. Gems to keep, to protect, to value, to use, to heal, to seal, to place on broken damaged unhealed elements, parts, places in people. They glimmer they are in reach, you touch them, feel their light, their energy. You grasp them in your arms, holding them all to your chest, each one slowly disappearing into you, pop, pop, pop and your mouth opens and you sing. Your body, your light body opens, a bright shining light, to reveal energy of all colours dancing and merging and moving with vibrance and health. They are spiralling through your whole body waking up every cell as they go deep deep into every part of your body, waking up the blood, the tissue, the lymph, the organs, each part down to the smallest element, around your digestion, your heart. Kicking out a whole lot of rubbish and unneeded things at your throat and on up into your head, your brain, clearing out all the pathways, the old unuseful ways of thinking. Lighting up some areas so that you are vibrant, go getting, risk taking and whooshing with creativity and bounce......"

Funnily enough since that time my shamanic healing work has really opened and i have been able to say for the first time to everyone that this is what i do. Now i am seeing clients regularly and it is amazing and such a privilege to do this work, what a wonderful life, i feel really blessed!!
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