Tuesday, 2 October 2012

A New Way

I found one of my notebooks on clearing out our attic yesterday and in it my morning pages (a stream of consciousness) from last november which in reflection seems to be about the 11.11.11 Time portal/Stargate . On reflecting about the past year and the way many people have been pushed into living their truth, in other words not hiding from what they feel is the right and true way for them, i really do think that deep changes and big shifts have been happening.

"Stargate- the opening, the awakening, the portal. A clear wide open channel/doorway for utter connection, total renewal, transformation, a wholeness and healing on every level including the old mental attitudes shed and new whole ones formed, a new way, a new walk, an old remembrance a remembrance of the old way. Vulnerabilities, vulnerability stepping out, arms wide open, free, new direction threatens the old, but it has reached a tipping point, the new way is stronger than the old so it will break down the walls and previous borders and boundaries will shift or will be removed all together. Wide open, transparent, new wave is the new way. Trust, honesty, truth will be the the new tenants to stand by-people know the truth because they sense it, they will listen to this/these feelings and go where their intuition says it is safe and reliable to go. No more capitalist lies and greed. It is all about the community, the common good, working together for the greater good-support, relationships, a process of community, family and relation that makes everyone accountable/responsible. We all need to step up to create the world we want to see and live in."

A few days before, this was in my morning pages:

"Stars so bright, dancing, sparkling, hanging in your path, shimmering, reflecting light, jewels of radiance, happiness, connection. Gems to keep, to protect, to value, to use, to heal, to seal, to place on broken damaged unhealed elements, parts, places in people. They glimmer they are in reach, you touch them, feel their light, their energy. You grasp them in your arms, holding them all to your chest, each one slowly disappearing into you, pop, pop, pop and your mouth opens and you sing. Your body, your light body opens, a bright shining light, to reveal energy of all colours dancing and merging and moving with vibrance and health. They are spiralling through your whole body waking up every cell as they go deep deep into every part of your body, waking up the blood, the tissue, the lymph, the organs, each part down to the smallest element, around your digestion, your heart. Kicking out a whole lot of rubbish and unneeded things at your throat and on up into your head, your brain, clearing out all the pathways, the old unuseful ways of thinking. Lighting up some areas so that you are vibrant, go getting, risk taking and whooshing with creativity and bounce......"

Funnily enough since that time my shamanic healing work has really opened and i have been able to say for the first time to everyone that this is what i do. Now i am seeing clients regularly and it is amazing and such a privilege to do this work, what a wonderful life, i feel really blessed!!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


My boys Autumn 2011 in Sicily 
by www.oliviamann.com

Thanks Auntie Liv for the great picture,what great memories this conjures up of the fabulous holiday we had with the whole family celebrating our mums 60th birthday.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Homemade Toothpaste

Mothering Life is a great page on facebook set up by Donna Marie to share her ideas about natural living and mothering. Today she shared her recipe for making your own toothpaste so you can be a 100% sure about what you are using:

"Just when I sat back satisfied that our toothpaste was Fluoride Free, I learned about Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, I searched more and wondered why artificial sweeteners make an appearance in Free from products, and then I wondered "why don't I do this myself?" discovering it's oh so easy, and far more satisfying to put the few ingredients in myself :) I used:

1 Cup of Organic Coconut Oil 
1/2 Cup Bicarbonate Soda
4 Drops Peppermint Essential Oil
Pinch of Organic Sea Salt

Coconut Oil is a Natural Teeth Whitener and prevents Teeth Decay - promoting Strong Teeth
Bicarbonate Soda , Cleans our teeth - removing plaque and freshning our breath!
Sea Salt is full of minerals and is antibacterial
Peppermint Oil i've added simply for flavour

Try it yourself and Enjoy ♥

Thursday, 14 June 2012


Time to write, time to dream, time to be the mother i would like to be! Things run on and as i look back i realise that although many dreams of how i wanted to be as a mother had to change due to energetic circumstances and in some ways i could say therefore fell short of my ideals, many things have by far surpassed anything i thought possible and i am proud oh so proud to be saying that. I struggled with M.E for many years before having children, struggling to function in a normal way and needing endless recovery time (as just one part of the experience) yet i didn't want to wait to 'get better' fully before having children because i felt at the time that this may never happen or it may take a looong time, i  also had no idea about what was involved...selfish probably but wow what a journey and one i would not change for the world. When i so easily became pregnant in the first month i was seriously thrilled but i also panicked about exactly how i would cope and then for sure when i had my second that i would not make it. Throughout the last 4 years i have been so stretched emotionally and physically (and especially having moved abroad when my eldest son was 4 months old taking away any support network which is so vital) that sometimes i thought it was not possible to go on, yet i've done it/am doing it and along the way i have learnt so much (wow what a serious spiritual lesson and learning about oneself and others having children is) and the boys have been such a joy. I've also had some serious opportunities to heal further namely being intuitively led into a high raw food way of eating, being the beneficiary of some incredible, infact mind blowing Life Alignment Therapy from my incredible mum  ( i love her recent blog post) and some other wonderful healers including the beautiful Alice and really recently finding that the natural approach to healing my severe Thyroid issue was as simple as the raw food diet with high doses of Dr.Vogels Kelp tablets, this has taken the edge off the raw, mind numbing dragging myself through the day exhaustion and the horrendous depression and anger that came with it. I am seriously happy and healthy right now and i have two bright happy boys, I am doing it, i am being a mum with all the energetic demands that that makes and i realise that i am well, i am coping and although there are a few things that i have had to compromise due to my energy levels i feel that is is pretty darn amazing to be here and to be coping so well. I am a full time mum right now and that is just such bliss, i feel very lucky to be doing exactly that ( i wonder what throwing work into the mix would be like) and i hope i have the courage to keep going against the Norwegian system by keeping my children at home for longer than the norm. There is a fabulous book that helps to inspire one to do just this:  "Life Without School: The Quiet Revolution" (or on amazon here)- i am slowly working my way through the whole Mother Magazine book list which is just a blissful journey as is the bi monthly magazine!Motherhood is a blissful, mind expanding, stretching and life changing experience and golly i love those boys to bits and pieces:

Theodore and Sebastian July 2011

“If you are going to doubt something, doubt your limits”.

Don Ward

Thursday, 24 May 2012


This image makes me smile it gives me the feeling of waking up on a sunny morning full of bounce and zing, that utter happiness that i remember from my childhood when the holidays lasted for ever and we knew we were free to play in the fields and woods all day. It comes from the How to Raw Love blog which is also filled with images of delicious raw food.

This image also caught my eye, it's an extract from the book the owner of the blog is writing which has a little bit about raw bath time and herbal things/essential oils to treat illness. Take a peek HERE.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Super Exciting Conscious Parenting Summit

YEAH the *free* Conscious Parenting Summit hosted by Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes-Monarch of the Raw Food World has begun, but only just so there is still time to access the first interview by Ingrid Bauer on elimination communication. Click HERE to sign up and to listen to Matt and Angela explain what it's all about. It is seriously worth checking it out and signing up to access each of the main interviews (as well as all the bonus interviews and material) from the 16 inspiring speakers from around the world. They will be speaking on topics such as conscious conception, healthy pregnancy, natural birthing, vaccinations, children's nutrition, breastfeeding, cosleeping and more ....and each interview is available for 24 hours. 

Here is a look at the 16 experts on conscious parenting that are involved in this summit:

You can also read more about each one on the conscious parenting website here.

Angela Stokes Monarch with her gorgeous daughter Oria
(see her blog RawReform here.)

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Go Wild

If you'd been up at 7am this morning and peeking over our hedge you would have seen my youngest son and i upended in the garden picking nettles and dandelion leaves to make our morning juice. Washed and bunged straight into the juicer with an orange and hey presto a pretty cheap and definately zinging juice. The boys actually fought over who was going to drink the last dregs from the jug.
It was after happening upon Christian Bates video about wild greens that we thought again about how much there is out there to forage for free, starting with the 'weeds' in our garden. Here in Norway it isn't too easy to find a variety of organic greens, you pretty much have to buy in bulk when they come into the shop otherwise you are left with pretty uninspiring iceberg lettuces or at best Romaine. (Helios sometimes sells bags of delicious greens, but you have to be quick when they come in as they sell out fast.) Tomorrow we're heading into the forest to see what we can find......pretty exciting and great for the boys and i to learn a bit more about nature.

There is a whole heap of information out there as to why organic wild food/raw greens is so good for you but a fabulous book which includes this information is Shazzies book "Detox your world" and her website of the same name is also worth checking out. I highly recommend the book as a brilliant resource about simplifying our lives in order to heal and become the best version of ourselves.
You can also see Megan Elizabeths recent video on 'The benefits of being raw' here.

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