Saturday, 28 April 2012

Go Wild

If you'd been up at 7am this morning and peeking over our hedge you would have seen my youngest son and i upended in the garden picking nettles and dandelion leaves to make our morning juice. Washed and bunged straight into the juicer with an orange and hey presto a pretty cheap and definately zinging juice. The boys actually fought over who was going to drink the last dregs from the jug.
It was after happening upon Christian Bates video about wild greens that we thought again about how much there is out there to forage for free, starting with the 'weeds' in our garden. Here in Norway it isn't too easy to find a variety of organic greens, you pretty much have to buy in bulk when they come into the shop otherwise you are left with pretty uninspiring iceberg lettuces or at best Romaine. (Helios sometimes sells bags of delicious greens, but you have to be quick when they come in as they sell out fast.) Tomorrow we're heading into the forest to see what we can find......pretty exciting and great for the boys and i to learn a bit more about nature.

There is a whole heap of information out there as to why organic wild food/raw greens is so good for you but a fabulous book which includes this information is Shazzies book "Detox your world" and her website of the same name is also worth checking out. I highly recommend the book as a brilliant resource about simplifying our lives in order to heal and become the best version of ourselves.
You can also see Megan Elizabeths recent video on 'The benefits of being raw' here.

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