Friday, 13 April 2012

Raw Beauty

I love the raw foodie Megan Elizabeth because she shows so wonderfully how transforming and healing raw food can be. She climbed out of a complete breakdown in health by eating raw foods and she looks completely radiant, energetic, happy and ultimately so comfortable with who she is as a result. I have dipped in and out of raw food eating over the last few years knowing that it had a profound affect on my energy and my mood the first time i tried it in a big way, but not staying 100% raw because ultimately for me it feels too strict a way to live my life, i want more balance and flow. More raw food in my diet does result in a big shift in mood and energy and has me convinced that eating a largely vegan raw food diet is crucial for feeling truly happy and healthy. I realise that often depression, exhaustion and feelings of stalemate/inability to see out or move forward is usually transformed by eating more raw food (and of course sleeeeeeep, running, fun/seeing friends etc etc !!) The energy flows, things open up and the feeling of joy for life just comes flooding back in, i can deal better with things that come my way, the anger/erggg feeling goes down from high to zero and needless to say the world therefore opens up with new promise and hope and my healing practice goes to another level. Yeah for greens and the rest!
There are so many inspiring raw foodies out there but i'm loving Megan's videos right now because they just make sense. (One of the first raw foodies not to rely heavily on expensive raw foods or nuts, just simple, easy and delicious). I came across her through Mila Ilina of Raw Radiance who is also an awesome Raw foodie/cheftress because of a wonderful video of Megan's that she posted on how to make your own Raw Organic Makeup (and the updated video here). I am always looking for new organic/natural products to use because my skin is so sensitive and you could not get more natural than organic fruit and vegetables. Crucially she looks wonderful with it and you know it is both kind to your wallet and your body, what could be better!

I experimented with frozen blueberries first and was suprised by how beautiful the effect was, but after a few days i've come to the conclusion that beetroot on my cheeks and lips is a better look for me, infact i think i'm completey converted. I haven't quite got the mascara look down yet but when i use a mascara brush i think things will improve and i also want to figure out how to do it while travelling, but for now at home it's easy and i'm loving skin is improving too.

For weekly recipes and interesting videos see Megans site here and this is the link for the 100% Pure company that she mentions in the comments attached to the video. They sell makeup that's coloured from fruit and vegetables.

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