Monday, 31 October 2011

Glutenfree in Oslo

Happily it is getting easier and easier to be glutenfree in Norway. Nearly 10 years ago it was exceptionally hard to get hold of products or to eat out with options, but now all supermarkets have gluten and dairy free products and a whole heap of restaurants and cafes have also cottened on and are serving a few glutenfree things if you ask, especially glutenfree pizza. There is a list of some of the places in Oslo here, one of my favourites being Villa Paradiso in Grunnerløkka.

There is a wonderful Gluten free bakery/cafe called Bakefri in the city centre which has a whole heap of amazing gluten free breads, rolls, quiches, cakes and more. You can find it at Kirkegata 15, 0153 Oslo and they now also supply the bakery Baker Hansen with two types of glutenfree bread, two types of glutenfree rolls and glutenfree apple muffins. You can also order Gluten free bread from several places in Oslo including Godt Brød in Grunnerløkka and Baker Brun who also now have a whole range of gluten free breads- (Uten Gluten Olaf Ryesplass 3, entrance Markveien 0554 Oslo Tuesday 13.00 til 19.00 and Manglerud centre Plogveien 6 0679 Oslo Tuesday 14.00 til 20.00. They have now opened the old bakery behind the shop that just bakes glutenfree bread ) you can take a look at their facebook page here. And finally there is Norwegian Coeliac Association for Oslo and Akershus and a great Gluten free site with information about Gluten free things around Norway.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

The Grinning Depression

Being a mum is intensely rewarding, immensely fulfilling and a completely joyful love affair, just being completely in the moment with your children and sharing the giggles and the journey, i would not change it for anything. But at the same time it can be very lonely, can strip you bare, stretch you beyond anything you can imagine and can be unrelenting in its intensity of need. Reading the article "A Mother's Call to Healing" by Marcy Axness she writes so brilliantly about the depression that can follow the birth of your baby but also how "the healing call of mothering has carved out of me my true Self, who daily, gloriously, feels life against her soul."


I totally love this image, so cute. 

Eco Hope

Polly Catchpole, the founder of Polly Hope, in her garden in south London. 

For beauty, inspiration and 100% ecological textiles take a gander at Polly Hope, a company founded by British designer Polly Catchpole. I absolutely love her designs and would really like to have many of them in our house, and the fact that they are also ecological is a massive bonus. Her eco friendly collection includes interior textiles, cushions, lamp shades, upholstered chairs and illustrations and you can see her latest fabrics- "contemporary fabrics for eco interiors" here!Polly Hope fabrics are made of 100 per cent organic materials, hand-printed with natural dyes and made in a family-run factory called Aura Herbal Wear in India. These furnishing fabrics therefore value the environment and those who manufacture them, ensuring fair trade standards and a chemical free work place to all those involved. She's just had an article printed about her business in the Telegraph newspaper which is super cool. Do take at look at some of her designs below and on Polly Hope's website, they are incredibly beautiful and i think her company is very inspiring. She has a blog which you can see here and you can also follow her on Twitter @PollyHopeLive

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Commemorative Street Art

"Punks not dead" 

This cool street art by stencil artist Martin Whatson was part of the T&J Art Walk that visited Oslo this august. Martin joined some of the world’s leading contemporary street artists who came to show their support for Human Rights Watch and to honour the victims of the terror of July 22. They created memorial murals that decorated the facades of nine central buildings in the city covering more than 600 square meters with high quality art for everyone to enjoy. "The team of geezers include names such as Logan Hicks, D*FaceThe London PoliceFaileWill Barras,Shepard FaireyFenx, Galo and Martin Whatson".See the video here or more here on the T&J blog or have a walk around town to see it for yourself!

Without knowing about the Art Walk in Oslo i stumbled on this piece of street art in Grønland, a sad reminder of what happened here in July.

all the more reason to look at things from this perspective 

"Lost Hope" Martin Whatson, part of the august 2011 Art Walk

I love this bike

Balancing Bicycle/Løpesykkel

Having coveted this wonderful wooden balancing bicycle (løpesykkel) for ages we've finally bought one for Theodore. He loves it and scoots about the kitchen/sittingroom on it, and even though it may be my imagination the balance seems to be coming. I do just love the look of it, even when it ends up flung in a heap in the middle of the floor and i inevitably trip over it. We bought ours from Sprell, a shop i could hang out in all day and nearly have done with Theodore. Last time we spent at least an hour playing with their amazing dolls house (Majorstuen branch, Oslo). But despite the new love the old one dies hard- his sparkesykkel/Kick bike does still luck out on most occasions when we're out of the house...high speed car chases galore!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


"Lost Hope"
Street Art by stencil artist Martin Whatson august Oslo 2011

Align your life


Learn a healing method that can boost body, mind & spirit, release emotional patterns that no longer serve you, and promote a sense of self empowerment.

Life Alignment is a powerful vibrational healing method that identifies and locates energy blockages in the body often caused by past trauma, suppressed emotions, pollutants, lifestyle stresses or physical injury that become encoded into our cellular memory. Pain can be relieved and our structure re-aligned often in a few minutes, even sometimes instantly, and can be applied to all issues be they physical, emotional, mental or spiritual with benefit to all.

Through a gentle, but deep process these blockages are released, resulting in a greater self understanding and consciousness, self awareness and well being. This technique can be applied to oneself or others, or easily incorporated into many other healing methods.

Watch the creator of this technique, Jeff Levin, speak about Life Alignment here on YouTube and read some great articles about Life Alignment here and here. The practitioner Phillipa Lubbock has also written an amazing book if you want a really in depth read about the technique: Life Alignment: Heal Your Life & Discover Your Soul's True Purpose

Cherry Tyfield
Oslo Life Alignment Training Workshops 2012

BODY SPIN – Foundation Training Seminar
BODY ALIGNMENT – Module 1 - Balancing Method
BODY ALIGNMENT – Module 2 - Emotional Balancing

Body Spin is the Foundation level of Life Alignment. It can be a stand alone therapy, or incorporated into existing healing modalities.

OSLO 23rd – 25th March 2012 
(Friday 2-9pm, saturday&sunday 9.30am – 5.30pm)
Venue: The Unity Centre, Møllergata 23, 0179, Oslo

Cost for 2.5 days : 2,700 NOK
(Excludes the cost of the Seed of Life&Resonance cards, 360 NOK each)

The Body Spin workshops provide a gentle and powerful introduction to working with energy.

Body Spin utilizes 2 vortex cards, the Seed of Life and the Resonance, that have been energized to help create a vortex or gateway through which energy can be released or received. This initiates a powerful flow of healing energy into the body which activates the body to heal itself.

During the three day course you will learn about:
Ø  Muscle testing and dowsing as a means of gathering information from the body
Ø  Body Points, energy centres and correction points
Ø  Vortex cards and the principles behind them
Ø  Emotional patterns encoded into the cellular memory
Ø  Emotional release procedure
Ø  Integration 

Learning will be primarily experiential, with ample opportunity to practice dowsing, muscle testing, finding and balancing body points. No previous experience of dowsing or energy work is necessary.

To qualify as a ‘Life Alignment Practitioner’, Body Spin and Body Alignment - Modules 1 and 2 are required. To be entitled to a Licence to Practice the following requirements need to be fulfilled - case studies, supervision and an observed session.

Dates and Venue to be confirmed:
Cost: 2,475 NOK

To work towards Practitioner Level, Module 1 focuses on the method of the balancing procedure, a deeper understanding into energy and the Life Alignment system of healing.

Over two days you will learn about
Ø  Vibrational healing and the subtle energy fields
Ø  Further refinement of muscle testing and dowsing with a pendulum
Ø  Identifying and balancing body points (energy gateways to the organs, glands, systems and micro organisms)
Ø  Body Circuits – reconnecting communication channels between organs, glands or systems
Ø  Emotional  and pain balancing
Ø  Stacking and complexing procedures

 Dates and venue to be confirmed
Cost: 3,825 NOK

Module 2 focuses on the emotional process, by identifying and releasing the ‘life stories’ that prevent the expression of one’s True Self. This is a very important aspect of Life Alignment and is integral to all of it.

Module 2 includes:
Ø  Retracing to the source of unresolved issues and traumas
Ø  Identifying, balancing and releasing emotional patterns
Ø  Working by the body’s priority
Ø  Structural balancing
Ø  Balancing meridians, chakras and aligning subtle bodies
Ø  Long distance healing
Ø  Analysis and correction of body systems, organs, glands, and subtle energy systems.


To continue upon your healing journey to Advanced Practitioner level, Modules 3, 4 and 5 add a profound and deepened understanding to the skills already learned and help to refine and enhance your own practice and self development. These modules are not compulsory, but are highly recommended and also require case studies for certification as an ‘Advanced Practitioner’. These are residential workshops with time to do some deep work in a loving, nurturing and relaxed atmosphere.

LIFE ALIGNMENT is an integrated system of energy healing, which includes Body Spin, Body Alignment Technique, Life Purpose Alignment, Vortex Alignment and Home Alignment.

Cherry Tyfield began her study of Life Alignment in 1997, with the founder and developer, Dr Jeff Levin, (Doctor of Natural Medicine).  After qualifying, she continued to study the advanced modules, becoming a Master Practitioner and Teacher in 2001. She now has a thriving practice in Cockfosters, Hertfordshire and in the City. In addition, Cherry teaches the Practitioner courses in the UK, Norway and Italy, as well as training advanced practitioners to become teachers themselves.   As UK coordinator for Life Alignment, she is very involved in the development of their public seminars and facilitates at all the workshops here. 

Cherry Tyfield also has a successful nutritional health business, marketing high quality organic supplements and herbal products, which support and maintain the positive benefits achieved through her Life Alignment therapy work.

Body Alignment Technique was developed by Dr Jeff Levin. He is a Doctor of Natural Medicine, architect, author, nutritionist and healer.  He spends a significant portion of the year travelling internationally teaching and lecturing and inspires many with his healing presence and passion for facilitating life changes. Body Alignment Technique and The Vortex System is the result of 30 years of study and research into energy and the natural health field. Jeff is the founder of the Natural Health Institute in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
He is the author of: ‘Body Alignment Technique - A Practical System for Transformation and Healing’.

‘LIFE ALIGNMENT – Heal your Life and Discover your Soul’s True Purposeby Philippa Lubbock was published in August 2010. 

Cherry Tyfield
39 Sussex Way   Cockfosters   Barnet   Herts   EN4 0BQ   United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 208 449 5751

Please get in touch with Cherry or myself if you would like a place on the Body Spin training workshop 
Oslo March 23rd-25th 2012.

Come and learn this incredible technique. 


Theodore with Sebastian just a few hours after Sebs birth
Sheer bliss
Summer fun
Theodore and Seb in our new home, Oslo

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Sky High

High temperatures in children and babies is a scarey thing and for the last two nights we have been up with our 8 month old Sebastian while he has run a fever of 38.8 C and has been miserable with teething and a chesty cough/cold. But reading this blog post from "Taking Time" i am reminded that what i do with my children when they get sick and run a fever is just the right thing. Here are some of the things she suggests (but of course it is also important to check it out with your doctor if you are worried or unsure)

What I do when a fever comes to visit

  • Most importantly, I let the fever run its course (with lots of observation)
  • I am not worried by high fevers. eg. 104 F / 40C
  • If the fever starts to spike very quickly I give the homeopathic remedy Belladonna. It levels the fever out within minutes. (See here for another great article on how to treat your childs flu with homeopathic remedies)
  • I give lots of liquids; herbal teas, lemon juice in water and just plain water.
  • I give massages with a few drops of lavender oil in a few tablespoons of vegetable oil. (massage helps stimulate the lymph system which helps the body rid itself of toxins).
  • I give lovely homemade broths: Vegetable, Chicken (made into a chicken soup with barley or wholegrain noodles) Fish (made into miso soup).
  • Herbal baths with Yarrow infusions and Lavender essential oils
  • LOTS of vitamin C, zinc and Echinacea (echinacea helps the production of white blood cells)
  • I use this cold and flu tea here
  • I do loads of immune boosting here
  • I think sleep and cuddles, both for grown ups and children, are very important in any healing process.
  • Finally, I DO NOT panic and trust the body.

Superb advise! We have been using belladonna which is such a superb homeopathic remedy, luke warm herbal teas like chamomile* and massaging lavender and eucalyptus in a carrier oil into his body or soaking cloths in water infused with these oils and wiping his forehead, hands and feet with it, as well as using the amazing chest rub called Sniffles baby chest balm from Erbaviva  "To calm and ease your babies coughs and colds" available from many places including amazon. Its tough to wait it out and trust that the body can handle it but it is good advise.

We also went out and got Echinacea drops, *Yarrow (Ryllik) tea and Alpenkraft herbal tea which has some wonderful herbs in to help with colds and flu ( including Ribwort Plantain/Smalkjempe, Licourice Root/Lakrisrot, Thyme/Timian and Fennel/Fennikel)

Helt Rå is one year old

(Helt Rå cafè, Elias Smithsvei 7, Sandvika) 

Helt Rå Cafe Sandvika celebrates its one year birthday on friday 21st October at 20.00
with dance, drumming, delicious raw food, snacks, light meals and cakes. As well as healthy drinks and super food shots you will also be able to buy organic wine and beer
You are encouraged to bring your own drum. 

The main raw food tallerken will be an exciting plate of Asian inspired raw food with raw chocolate to follow costing 150kr (registration not nescessary)
Free entrance and welcome drink.
Click here to read more.

Go and join the party!

There is also a Salsa & Raw food event on friday 28th october at 19.00
Helt Rå cafè, Tollbugata 31, Oslo sentrum
Fredag 28. oktober kl 19

Monday, 17 October 2011

My Heart Wanders

What would happen one day if you decided to follow your heart? 
Where would it take you?

My husband says right now it would take him to a tropical island with Theodore, Sebastian and i. But even though right now i don't know where it would lead me i know i'd like the unexpected journey, the joy of following ones bliss and intuitive nudgings and going without hesitation wherever i felt drawn to. It takes courage to leap into the dark and a certain amount of what the heck attitude to be true to those inner desires and intuitive nudges or slaps around the face, but how many of us allow ourselves to really listen and to act on them.

In her book "My Heart Wanders" stylist, photographer and author Pia Jane Bijkerk takes us on her journey as she leaves her comfortable life in Sydney to follow, unconditionally, her instincts. Setting up home first in Paris, then on a houseboat in Amsterdam, Pia observes the serendipitous moments that present themselves when letting go and following one's dreams. With beautiful photographs from her travels in France, Amsterdam, Belgium, Italy and Sydney, My Heart Wanders is a reflective, inspirational, tender memoir that speaks to 'the wandering heart' in all of us. It's a celebration of taking risks, letting go and making a home wherever you are. Take a look at her book here and on Amazon here. Pia also has a beautiful blog which you can see here.


Friday, 14 October 2011

The powerful and the empowered

"Pregnant Woman" 

by Alex Florschutz

Our wise and ancient birthing traditions 

By Veronika Sophia Robinson The Mother Magazine Friday October 14, 2011 

When it comes to defining joyous birth, it’s important to understand the role of power.
I believe the difference between an interfered-with birth, and a joyous ‘hands-off’ birth, is fear. Fear can come from a deep primal urge in the old brain, or from our centre of logic (the neocortex or new brain) ~ a place where we try to make sense of the unexplainable. Our ego freaks out when it can’t control the information. Taming our powerful ego empowers us.
In the dominant cultural model of birth, the leading actor is The Powerful One who ‘delivers’ our baby. In the sub-culture of joyous, autonomous birth, the leading role is played by The Empowered One. Indeed, there is no place for The Powerful One in this culture.
Never will you find such different characters. In fact, they are so diametrically opposed, that you would never find them both in the same room ~ much less on the same birthing stage. The only connection might be if, through the performance of The Powerful One, a woman becomes transformed, at a later time, into The Empowered One.
Their props, their scripts, their guiding drive are contradictory.
The Powerful One becomes so through domination. He conquers the other characters by taking charge of the stage and wielding tools which say “I am in charge”. He is defined by his use of three specific tools. They are light, language and observation. Whether he is conscious of this or not, is irrelevant, because as soon as they are introduced into the delivery room, his status is confirmed.
Light is the enemy of every birthing woman. It stimulates her ‘new brain’ and changes the course of labour. Her mammalian instincts wish to seek out the dark, but The Powerful One shines a laser beam on her, freezing her in time like a startled rabbit in headlights.
He controls her by his use of language which actives her neocortex (new brain). While this is engaged and stimulated she is incapable of slipping into her old brain ~ the very place she needs to be in order to birth instinctively.
The Powerful One stands guard over the woman whose baby he’s delivering. If he can’t be there, he sends others to guard her. Their eyes ensure that she can’t escape. She is watched. Her every movement observed. She is ‘held in place’ by their paranoia. Privacy is the number one need of every birthing woman. The Powerful One ignores and denies this, keeping a woman prisoner in her ‘new brain’ so she can’t birth without his ‘help’.
Light, language and observation ~ the three deadly enemies of joyous birth.
And what of The Empowered One? What would she make of these tools? She’s a wise woman who, like the three wise monkeys, has her own mantra:

See no light
Hear no talk
Allow no eyes
The Empowered One is a woman who honours the ancient tradition of birthing. She creates a birthing nest of dimmed light, if not complete darkness. The external language of choice is non-vaginal touch, or music and gentle singing, as she slips into her birthing zone. If she chooses to have her lover or anyone else with her she lets them know beforehand that eye contact is another form of power, of control. The support she seeks is of skin contact, and being held from behind. Beware of any man or midwife who demands or encourages you to look into their eyes while you’re birthing. Contrary to our culture’s childbirth classes, they are stealing your inner power. Remember, our eyes are the mirror of our soul. When we’re birthing, our soul needs to rise ‘upwards’ and greet the new soul who is coming Earthside, not to be distracted by someone else’s needs.
The Empowered one is clear to her supporter that all the power she needs for birthing is within her, and that ‘coaching’ of any description defies what is innate within her. The instinct to give birth is always heard by those with ears to hear. Sadly, joyous birth is inaudible to The Powerful One.
It has been said that ‘when the power of love overcomes the love of power, there shall be peace.’ It has also been said that ‘peace on earth begins with birth’. True power and true peace are internal and can never be found outside of ourselves. The Empowered One is a woman whose power is always internal. Instinct is beyond anyone’s control. It can’t be bought, begged, borrowed or stolen. Perhaps that’s why it terrifies the medical world so much?
The Powerful One requires tools and gimmicks and fear to ‘create’ his power ~ something which is always external, and therefore, transient.
The power of love which is alive in The Empowered One can teach us more about birth that any medical text book. Love and fear can’t co-exist. They are opposites. In a study of 500 tribal cultures, the researchers found no evidence of any pain or death in childbirth. Prematurity and stillbirth were extremely rare, as was malpresentation. We’ve been inculturated with the idea that birth is painful, dangerous and deadly. I agree. It is painful, dangerous and deadly IF, and only if, we allow The Powerful One into our birthing space; if we give away our crucial mammalian need for privacy.
If you’re seeking a joyous birth, look no further than you and your baby for all the power, love and support you need.

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