Monday, 31 October 2011

Glutenfree in Oslo

Happily it is getting easier and easier to be glutenfree in Norway. Nearly 10 years ago it was exceptionally hard to get hold of products or to eat out with options, but now all supermarkets have gluten and dairy free products and a whole heap of restaurants and cafes have also cottened on and are serving a few glutenfree things if you ask, especially glutenfree pizza. There is a list of some of the places in Oslo here, one of my favourites being Villa Paradiso in Grunnerløkka.

There is a wonderful Gluten free bakery/cafe called Bakefri in the city centre which has a whole heap of amazing gluten free breads, rolls, quiches, cakes and more. You can find it at Kirkegata 15, 0153 Oslo and they now also supply the bakery Baker Hansen with two types of glutenfree bread, two types of glutenfree rolls and glutenfree apple muffins. You can also order Gluten free bread from several places in Oslo including Godt Brød in Grunnerløkka and Baker Brun who also now have a whole range of gluten free breads- (Uten Gluten Olaf Ryesplass 3, entrance Markveien 0554 Oslo Tuesday 13.00 til 19.00 and Manglerud centre Plogveien 6 0679 Oslo Tuesday 14.00 til 20.00. They have now opened the old bakery behind the shop that just bakes glutenfree bread ) you can take a look at their facebook page here. And finally there is Norwegian Coeliac Association for Oslo and Akershus and a great Gluten free site with information about Gluten free things around Norway.

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