Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The blog is back

Golly four months have zipped by and there seems to have been hardly a minute to write this blog. The reason being that with two children at home demanding lots of attention, packing up the rented house, moving into the new house, unpacking, painting etc and a whole heap of lovely travelling to celebrate birthdays, weddings and time with family there has been no time. I've also been tackling my health/hypothyroid thing naturally, which is a blog in itself. But now that things are finally a little more settled and my eldest son has started going to the Steiner Barnhage down the road i feel there may be more moments to be able to keep up with the blog too, i hope so at least.

There is a wonderful blog called The Daily Good and today they posted an article by Valerie Williams from Yes Magazine called "National Treasures" Feb 14, 2011. It's about a wonderful  program called Project Arrowhead that aims to help disabled, troubled and at risk children (and horses) by working with wild horses, learning about nature, gardening and Native American traditions on the Sunshine Acres farm in Northern Maryland. It's run by Jean Albert Renaud ( or Jar as he is known) the world renowned horseman, activist and motown musician. He says that “It’s about trust, trusting me and trusting the horse. Here they are, faced with this eleven-hundred-pound animal. It’s like a metaphor for their lives, taking on the enormity of their lives. ‘Who can I trust? Where do I start?’"

Ultimately he feels that “we need the tonic of wilderness. Wild horses merit protection as a matter of ecological right, as anyone knows who has stood awed at the indomitable spirit and sheer energy of a mustang living free.” 

I believe that is true of us all that we need more wildness in our lives, being in a natural environment i.e outdoors in nature, connecting to the earth and the elements. We need it to be balanced, healthy and happy individuals. But we also need connection to each other and Jar shows these children how to start relating again to themselves and to others.

You can access the full article here www.dailygood.org/view.php?sid=21

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