Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Commemorative Street Art

"Punks not dead" 

This cool street art by stencil artist Martin Whatson was part of the T&J Art Walk that visited Oslo this august. Martin joined some of the world’s leading contemporary street artists who came to show their support for Human Rights Watch and to honour the victims of the terror of July 22. They created memorial murals that decorated the facades of nine central buildings in the city covering more than 600 square meters with high quality art for everyone to enjoy. "The team of geezers include names such as Logan Hicks, D*FaceThe London PoliceFaileWill Barras,Shepard FaireyFenx, Galo and Martin Whatson".See the video here or more here on the T&J blog or have a walk around town to see it for yourself!

Without knowing about the Art Walk in Oslo i stumbled on this piece of street art in Grønland, a sad reminder of what happened here in July.

all the more reason to look at things from this perspective 

"Lost Hope" Martin Whatson, part of the august 2011 Art Walk

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