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Align your life


Learn a healing method that can boost body, mind & spirit, release emotional patterns that no longer serve you, and promote a sense of self empowerment.

Life Alignment is a powerful vibrational healing method that identifies and locates energy blockages in the body often caused by past trauma, suppressed emotions, pollutants, lifestyle stresses or physical injury that become encoded into our cellular memory. Pain can be relieved and our structure re-aligned often in a few minutes, even sometimes instantly, and can be applied to all issues be they physical, emotional, mental or spiritual with benefit to all.

Through a gentle, but deep process these blockages are released, resulting in a greater self understanding and consciousness, self awareness and well being. This technique can be applied to oneself or others, or easily incorporated into many other healing methods.

Watch the creator of this technique, Jeff Levin, speak about Life Alignment here on YouTube and read some great articles about Life Alignment here and here. The practitioner Phillipa Lubbock has also written an amazing book if you want a really in depth read about the technique: Life Alignment: Heal Your Life & Discover Your Soul's True Purpose

Cherry Tyfield
Oslo Life Alignment Training Workshops 2012

BODY SPIN – Foundation Training Seminar
BODY ALIGNMENT – Module 1 - Balancing Method
BODY ALIGNMENT – Module 2 - Emotional Balancing

Body Spin is the Foundation level of Life Alignment. It can be a stand alone therapy, or incorporated into existing healing modalities.

OSLO 23rd – 25th March 2012 
(Friday 2-9pm, saturday&sunday 9.30am – 5.30pm)
Venue: The Unity Centre, Møllergata 23, 0179, Oslo

Cost for 2.5 days : 2,700 NOK
(Excludes the cost of the Seed of Life&Resonance cards, 360 NOK each)

The Body Spin workshops provide a gentle and powerful introduction to working with energy.

Body Spin utilizes 2 vortex cards, the Seed of Life and the Resonance, that have been energized to help create a vortex or gateway through which energy can be released or received. This initiates a powerful flow of healing energy into the body which activates the body to heal itself.

During the three day course you will learn about:
Ø  Muscle testing and dowsing as a means of gathering information from the body
Ø  Body Points, energy centres and correction points
Ø  Vortex cards and the principles behind them
Ø  Emotional patterns encoded into the cellular memory
Ø  Emotional release procedure
Ø  Integration 

Learning will be primarily experiential, with ample opportunity to practice dowsing, muscle testing, finding and balancing body points. No previous experience of dowsing or energy work is necessary.

To qualify as a ‘Life Alignment Practitioner’, Body Spin and Body Alignment - Modules 1 and 2 are required. To be entitled to a Licence to Practice the following requirements need to be fulfilled - case studies, supervision and an observed session.

Dates and Venue to be confirmed:
Cost: 2,475 NOK

To work towards Practitioner Level, Module 1 focuses on the method of the balancing procedure, a deeper understanding into energy and the Life Alignment system of healing.

Over two days you will learn about
Ø  Vibrational healing and the subtle energy fields
Ø  Further refinement of muscle testing and dowsing with a pendulum
Ø  Identifying and balancing body points (energy gateways to the organs, glands, systems and micro organisms)
Ø  Body Circuits – reconnecting communication channels between organs, glands or systems
Ø  Emotional  and pain balancing
Ø  Stacking and complexing procedures

 Dates and venue to be confirmed
Cost: 3,825 NOK

Module 2 focuses on the emotional process, by identifying and releasing the ‘life stories’ that prevent the expression of one’s True Self. This is a very important aspect of Life Alignment and is integral to all of it.

Module 2 includes:
Ø  Retracing to the source of unresolved issues and traumas
Ø  Identifying, balancing and releasing emotional patterns
Ø  Working by the body’s priority
Ø  Structural balancing
Ø  Balancing meridians, chakras and aligning subtle bodies
Ø  Long distance healing
Ø  Analysis and correction of body systems, organs, glands, and subtle energy systems.


To continue upon your healing journey to Advanced Practitioner level, Modules 3, 4 and 5 add a profound and deepened understanding to the skills already learned and help to refine and enhance your own practice and self development. These modules are not compulsory, but are highly recommended and also require case studies for certification as an ‘Advanced Practitioner’. These are residential workshops with time to do some deep work in a loving, nurturing and relaxed atmosphere.

LIFE ALIGNMENT is an integrated system of energy healing, which includes Body Spin, Body Alignment Technique, Life Purpose Alignment, Vortex Alignment and Home Alignment.

Cherry Tyfield began her study of Life Alignment in 1997, with the founder and developer, Dr Jeff Levin, (Doctor of Natural Medicine).  After qualifying, she continued to study the advanced modules, becoming a Master Practitioner and Teacher in 2001. She now has a thriving practice in Cockfosters, Hertfordshire and in the City. In addition, Cherry teaches the Practitioner courses in the UK, Norway and Italy, as well as training advanced practitioners to become teachers themselves.   As UK coordinator for Life Alignment, she is very involved in the development of their public seminars and facilitates at all the workshops here. 

Cherry Tyfield also has a successful nutritional health business, marketing high quality organic supplements and herbal products, which support and maintain the positive benefits achieved through her Life Alignment therapy work.

Body Alignment Technique was developed by Dr Jeff Levin. He is a Doctor of Natural Medicine, architect, author, nutritionist and healer.  He spends a significant portion of the year travelling internationally teaching and lecturing and inspires many with his healing presence and passion for facilitating life changes. Body Alignment Technique and The Vortex System is the result of 30 years of study and research into energy and the natural health field. Jeff is the founder of the Natural Health Institute in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
He is the author of: ‘Body Alignment Technique - A Practical System for Transformation and Healing’.

‘LIFE ALIGNMENT – Heal your Life and Discover your Soul’s True Purposeby Philippa Lubbock was published in August 2010. 

Cherry Tyfield
39 Sussex Way   Cockfosters   Barnet   Herts   EN4 0BQ   United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 208 449 5751

Please get in touch with Cherry lifealignment@tyfield.com or myself freyathalundfossen@gmail.com if you would like a place on the Body Spin training workshop 
Oslo March 23rd-25th 2012.

Come and learn this incredible technique. 

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  1. Great blog on wonderful energy healing courses, which are still ongoing in Scandinavian countries and around the world. Well done!


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