Monday, 17 October 2011

My Heart Wanders

What would happen one day if you decided to follow your heart? 
Where would it take you?

My husband says right now it would take him to a tropical island with Theodore, Sebastian and i. But even though right now i don't know where it would lead me i know i'd like the unexpected journey, the joy of following ones bliss and intuitive nudgings and going without hesitation wherever i felt drawn to. It takes courage to leap into the dark and a certain amount of what the heck attitude to be true to those inner desires and intuitive nudges or slaps around the face, but how many of us allow ourselves to really listen and to act on them.

In her book "My Heart Wanders" stylist, photographer and author Pia Jane Bijkerk takes us on her journey as she leaves her comfortable life in Sydney to follow, unconditionally, her instincts. Setting up home first in Paris, then on a houseboat in Amsterdam, Pia observes the serendipitous moments that present themselves when letting go and following one's dreams. With beautiful photographs from her travels in France, Amsterdam, Belgium, Italy and Sydney, My Heart Wanders is a reflective, inspirational, tender memoir that speaks to 'the wandering heart' in all of us. It's a celebration of taking risks, letting go and making a home wherever you are. Take a look at her book here and on Amazon here. Pia also has a beautiful blog which you can see here.


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