Saturday, 12 February 2011

Welcome to the world


Welcome to the world darling Sebastian, you are a dream and are even more scrumptious than i could ever have imagined. .....
and so another delicious love affair begins.

Sebastian was born in water at the Føderiket natural birth unit in Oslo at 1.09am on 24.01.11 weighing 4.07kg/9lbs.
I could not have imagined a better birth or a more fabulous place to give birth, it was just what i'd wanted and i feel very very grateful that it went so well. I'm sure it was because i felt so safe at Føderiket, so completely supported by my husband who was incredible and by my awesome midwife Anne Fjeldberg. I was able to do what i wanted when i wanted and due in part to all the mental preparation and affirmations i was able to really trust my instincts and work with my body and not against it.  It was a fabulous experience, peaceful, gentle and very powerful. I did it and i feel now that i can do absolutely anything!!!

 Welcome to the world lille venn, little one.

All the pictures above were taken by my sister and professional photographer Olivia Mann 10 days after the birth,
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