Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Raw Food in Oslo

So here are a few things that i have discovered since getting interested in Raw food and moving to Oslo:

1) Organic Box scheme- Fanny and Martins organic vegetable and fruit home delivery/box scheme.

2) Funky Fresh Foods is a wonderful Raw food company run by Josefinn Andrén and Jenni Mylly. They have raw food courses and a raw food cafe that runs for the first sunday of every month for 5 hours at a time. It has the most mouth watering and delicious raw food i have ever tasted. They also do raw food catering and have started to supply the Røtter health food shop in St Hanshaugen ( and Frogner) with frozen brownies, cheesecake and carrot cake. "Everything is raw and free from gluten, sugar, lactose, eggs and preservatives."

3) Røtter Health Food Shop is a wonderful shop in St Hanshaugen and Frogner in Oslo packed with superfoods, health foods, organic fruit and veg and natural products for body and home. They have the best supply of raw foods and they also now stock the Funky Fresh raw frozen cakes: cheesecake, carrot cake and brownies (or the latter "b-RAW-nie" which i can say is just to die for....hmmm my mind literally cleared after eating it in rather a profound way rather than fogging and collapsing as it would have with a normal brownie. The raw cacao in it must be responsible for that!) Read their review here.

4) Helios Health Food Shop  also offers a whole host of wonderful organic health foods, superfoods, fruit, veg, vitamins, natural products for the body and home as well as organic clothes including wool hats and thermals and wooden eco toys among other things. They also have a UK website.

5) RAW FOOD Cafe and Courses by Anne Madhumavi Olsen. She runs raw food courses/cooking classes, has a regular café in her own home (a gorgeous farm house) and provides Raw Food Catering. She has exhibited at trade fairs and has given dietary advice both privately and to groups. Her focus is to show that healthy food can taste good and that it can also be creative and fun! (Update: She has also established the Helt Rå Cafes in Oslo and Sandvika. A totally divine taste experience. See here.)

6) SanaBona is a company that supplies mainly raw food products to health food shops as well as selling online.

7) Give It To Me Raw is a group that aims to connect raw foodies around the world so that you can 'meet' people that live in your own city or one that you might be visiting. Here is the Give it to me raw Scandinavien page.

8) Dønn Grønn seems (as far as my less than perfect Norwegian understanding allows) to be a raw food company run by Asgeir Brevik and Caïla Hoff offering raw food introductory courses, lectures, education, coaching and catering. Please follow this link for information about them in English.

9) Raw Food Meet Ups -there isn't a raw food meet up group yet, that i know of, so perhaps i should start one?

10) Raw food Information and Courses in Oslo. There is also a fabulous video on the website about raw food.

11) An additional find is the Super Nature health food shop that sells lots of Raw foods as well as a whole host of other wonderful products. See a later post for more information.

AND a long overdue update in 2011:

12) Helt Rå - The first Raw food Cafe Restaurant in Sandvika (and also newly opened now in Oslo.)

  • Helt Rå Sandvika -Elias Smiths vei 7, 1337 Sandvika,100 metres north of the Sandvika Centre. Tel 9949 2429
  • Helt Rå Oslo - Tolbugt.31, 0157 Oslo- in the same premises as the Zen Lounge. Tel 9063 8216

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  1. Thank you for posting this list! It is very helpful! :)


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