Tuesday, 16 February 2010

A conversation with paint

Image dialogueing or writing streams of consciousness in relation to an image or piece of art can be a very powerful tool. It can unlock hidden messages in an art piece or it can reveal elements of a piece that you were not immediately struck by, aware of, or could grasp initially.

I came across a piece of paper yesterday after a huge clear out of my studio on which i had written a stream of consciousness in relation to a painting (sadly i can't currently access the image of the painting) in a group art session back in september 2009. It was a very powerful piece in terms of what i felt when i made it and viewing it afterwards so although i don't do this with everything i make i felt it was very important to write something down after making it to record some thoughts and even to get to some of the deep emotions and message of the piece. I loved the process of getting in there with my hands in the paint using them to touch my feelings in a more immediate way than i felt i could using a paint brush, but it was also rather wonderful to see what came in written form because it brought a different dimension to the visual and the kinesthetic act of making the painting:

A stream of consciousness in relation to my painting:

"Joy of expression, of play with the paint, soothing, feeling its texture on my skin, moving it, wide movements, expansive and expanding. Love, love of art, of life, of freedom. How freeing it is to express oneself in art form, release-no barriers. No Judgement. Raw Power of the kinesthetic process. Release of feelings of known and unknown desires. Need to be real on paper-need to unfurl, to woosh with energy, zinging with aliveness and wholeness meeting oneself in oneness in good and bad- or the not so desirable sides, it's all how we view it.

Power-personal power-identity. Who we are, who we think we are. Who we want to be. How we view ourselves and others-do we stay true to ourselves, make peace with all of who we are.

Whoosh, Zing, Vibrance, Peace, Joy, drive to do something valueable, seize the day, yet also just be. Work with passion, sense, be true, be unrestricted, yet contained and held in some ways. Start somewhere-with joy. Start from this basis-RAW JOY-Ritual a basis to the day.Freedom of movement and positivity of thought. Parallel processes. Love at the heart of all things. Nurturing yourself and others. Create the life you wish to live.

Being alive-what do you want to do with your life?What do you want to create?

Ritual of birth, ritual of life and death. Lightness, spirit, playfulness, heart, passion. Raw energy. GRATITUDE-for life and my people-the people in my life, for spirit, for spirit, for spirit."


What was clear from making the piece was the deep joy and connection i felt, the RAW JOY of movement in making the painting and how in life i feel that this corresponding unlocking and flow of life and energy brings the same feelings of connection, joy, gratitude and ultimately of love.

Thinking of gratitude i came across this poem:

'THINK on THESE THINGS' By Joyce Sequichie Hifler

" Today I hear the laughter of children at play. Their voices filled the air almost like chimes. And I felt their arms about my neck and their sticky kisses on my face. How blessed I am! Today I heard a mockingbird trilling out every single song it every heard from its winged friends. I closed my eyes and in the trees I heard all the voices I've heard since childhood, and it took me through all the happy, breathless, precious times I loved so much. Today I heard my mother's voice calling to me happily. It was a good, strong, healthy voice that has called to me courage, and hope and peace, and shall continue to call down many lanes to me. Today I heard my child's voice. I heard her singing, I heard her praying, I heard her laughing and talking. I heard her teasing and moving from place to place in all the activities I love to see her in. Now, even more than ever I realize how grateful I am that God has given me the excellent faculty of hearing. I shall with all diligence try to hear nothing evil, but only love and peace which is my heritage. "
I think it is important to express gratitude every day:

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