Monday, 1 February 2010

Food for those little light filled beings

The book "Evies Kitchen-Raising an Ecstatic Child" by Evies mum Shazzie is an incredible book not only because it is a raw(vegan) food book for children, but because it also includes a whole heap of wonderful thoroughly researched information on nutritional requirements for children and as a raw vegan how to get the optimal amount of everything that is needed not only through this diet but also through the right supplementation. It may not be how everyone wants to raise their child but it does give you wonderful recipes that you can introduce even of you don't want to go the whole way with raw foods. Just introducing some of these things into your child's diet is likely to get them zinging. We are all beings of light and the more light filled living foods that we eat the more aligned, happy and healthy we are likely to feel.

Shazzies website is also well worth a look:, she sells many of the products that she talks about in Evies Kitchen.

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