Thursday, 11 February 2010

Reach for the bliss

I never intended for this blog to turn into a raw food blog, but for now that seems to be what is drawing my attention and therefore what i am predominately writing about.

I can safely say that eating a diet of mainly raw living foods has transformed my life and these are the few things that have changed since i have started eating this way:

1) I went out and got a radical haircut and loved it.

2) My period pain completely went after 2 months and along with it the horrendous rage and depression before it ( PMS).

3) My periods have totally balanced themselves, so for the first time in my life i can almost time my period to the day. I know exactly where i am in my cycle and i no longer need to worry about them. They are also not clotted and heavy like they were before.

4) My skin is slowly clearing from the usual deluge of blackheads and spots and it is getting softer and generally seems healthier. My skin has been bad for years and years as a result i believe of a leaky gut/food intolerances so this is a fabulous feeling. I feel that once i have done a series of colonics then i think this process will speed up as i feel that the remaining skin detoxing is a result of impacted matter in my colon after years of not having a fully functioning digestive system..sorry but i think true.

5) I lost the remaining weight that i had gained after having my son, infact initially i lost quite a lot which was a little worrying but it has balanced itself out now.

6) My apetite went a bit haywire for a while as i adjusted to this new way of eating. Initially i was ravenous and ate huge amounts of food but it then gradually decreased until i lost my apetite almost completely for a while. Now however i eat when i am hungry which is back to a more regular pattern and i don't seem to be emotionally eating to fill a void etc anymore. I now actually crave greens like i have never done before and i dream about delicious plates of fruit and vegetables.

7)The almost daily low mood/depression, especially prevalent in the winter months has lifted so that for the first time in as long as i can remember i feel an absolute love of life on a daily basis. Wow this is what it is meant to feel like to be alive and zinging every day. Not just a few times when the sun is shining and everything is perfect.

8) I don't feel angry every day for no logical reason and i also feel more patient and just calmer.

9) I am feeling connected, grounded and my brain feels like it is finally beginning to wake up after decades of being asleep woweee that is a good feeling. Of course with M.E my brain does seem to scramble again when i am very tired, making things come out back to front and upside down, but hey it is all improving.

10) I no longer get food hangovers every morning ( unless i eat a lot of cooked foods or things like crisps or shop bought gluten free bread) and my tummy feels good. I am not 100% raw for social reasons and because i sometimes feel i need cooked grains like quinoa, buckwheat etc ( although i am beginning to sprout these more and more) or i just feel like goat cheese, cake etc. I just go with whatever i feel like at the time.

11) I no longer need a sleep in the day, unless i have done something very strenous, stayed up too late too many nights in a row or haven't paced myself, pushing myself too hard, but even then i have a much quicker recovery time than ever before. I don't feel sluggish and exhausted on a daily basis and i have started running daily or every other day which is just utter bliss as i don't seem to be getting the intense fall out that i always had after exercise which would limit me to one or two times a week, or nothing except gentle walks.

12) Due to my son being at Kindergarten we have experienced more than our fair shair of bugs and sickness as a family in the last few months. Usually i would be the first to succumb and then it would take me a good two weeks to get over it, leaving me exhausted afterwards and then i would usually collapse with another bug. Instead i have been the last to succumb and have had the mildest versions ever, having the two bouts of gastric flu for just one day each time and a day or so needing to rest afterwards and with the chest infection just 3 or 4 days, infact i can't fully remember now but i know that i bounced back in a way that i have never done before.

13) An increased sensitivity and intuition which includes knowing in each moment what my body needs and in terms of food being able to leave the foods that my body feels isn't right for it anymore or at least being aware before i eat it what it will make me feel like. It doesn't mean i always follow it but i know that if i do things are much better.
I am sensing and feeling more than ever before but it is not overwhelming me, infact it is incredibly exciting. Last night i closed my eyes to see psychedellic colours and patterns of energy whirling and swirling and when i opened my eyes i could still see this. It felt incredibly soothing, expanding, relaxing and healing and my body felt amazingly warm despite the cold of the room, it was a warmth that began like a cloak or someone wrapping their arms around me (my husband was away) and spread until it radiated throughout my whole body. I have experienced this before when i have been alone and needed comfort or just to know that i am connected and
can tap into this.

14) I don't need to sleep after i have been out in the city centre. Usually i would need to rest in a big way after this.

15) I can't stop talking about it all but i really feel that i have woken up for the first time since i was a child and it is making me buzz, fizz, zing, and vibrate with life, happiness and positivity unlike anything i have experienced. It is almost like i am high on life and i want to shout silly songs and dance down the street ( for example singing yipedy doo dar yipedy day my oh my what a wonderful day)

Long may it all continue.

16) The Physical and Emotional Detox
I have to say i did go through a bit of a detox in the beginning ( i think perhaps it would have been stronger if i hadn't been eating pretty much a whole food, gluten,dairy and sugar free diet for many years before i started...this was perhaps my transition) with my skin initially getting worse, feeling more bloated etc and uncovering layer upon layer of emotional issues that i thought i had dealt with but which had obviously been held in my body/cells and as i started to shift things these issues came up in a big way to be addressed and processed. I can almost chart them via each specific emotion and i wrote them down. Issues around failure, worry, anger, guilt, illness, blame, stress and lack of balance. It has been a fascinating and emotionally tough process but i feel a million times freer and lighter having been through it.

17) I also feel i have shifted out of a place of feeling stuck with no real way forward in a way that was making me truly happy to a place where i feel that i can go with the flow of life unlike ever before and the brick wall that seemed to have been blocking my path has dissolved. I suddenly feel i can be me without hiding or feeling ashamed for anything that i am. I have started to love myself again.

It feels like i am just starting on this path and already i feel fabulously vibrant and happy. I can't wait for what else will come now that things are flowing in a magical way.

p.s I do believe that the raw living foods are responsible for many of these huge changes in me, but it was also undeniably the fact that the time was just right for it because suddenly it seemed just what i needed to do and i couldn't ignore it, unlike before when it seemed too hard. It felt like i was guided into this way of eating on a daily basis as I started to see it everywhere that i looked and not only did it make sense but it just seemed easy.

I know i sound totally and madly evangelical about it all, but it is just what is working for me right now and it is making me madly happy so i don't care at all and that is a first. As is wanting to have a blog and tell the world what i am feeling, "the good the bad and the ugly" or just simply the......


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