Saturday, 20 February 2010

In love with light

In these days of snow and little light what i crave is the sun and all that it brings with it. Warmth, light and that deep inner happiness and leaping of my spirit. The sun shines and so does my spirit. I start to uncurl and my body feels like it could just drink in the light forever.

The forecast however is snow, snow and more snow, until wednesday at least. So for now i will have to imagine those blissful sunny days to come and instead enjoy the snow as it falls lazily from the sky in big fat flakes while i sit by a beautiful log fire playing with my son. The snow is delicious in its soft icing sugar snow drifts inviting us to make snow caves or simply to dive into it with glee and that is just what we have been doing today. The heaven about the winter is just this: getting out whatever the weather, breathing in some fresh, if chilly air (minus 11 today), and soaking up any light that shows itself, before piling back inside out of the cold with rosey cheeks to warm up again and enjoy it all from the comfort of our sittingroom, preferably with hot scones and a steaming mug of tea by a roaring log fire.

BUT of course ............................. nothing beats the sun.

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