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"If only you knew your GREATNESS and celebrated it"

I called this blog "A Little Light on Life" and my company "A Light on Life" because i believe that we are all beings of light and as such that is just what we crave to keep us healthy and happy. One major part of this is the fact that we therefore need light filled, nutrient dense, living vibrant foods and that is where Raw Living Foods come in.

Matt Amsden of RAWvolution as interviewd by Laura Bruno on her blog August 6th
2009 said that he "immediately realized the pure logic that informs the concept. Raw foods simply contain more nutrition and more enzymes than cooked food, more “life force” if you will. Eating foods processed with heat is like pushing the vacuum cleaner over the carpet without having it turned on; your body has to do all of the work to digest the food but it’s receiving only a small fraction of the benefits. Humans and domesticated pets are the only species on planet Earth that consume cooked foods. They are also the only species that suffer degenerative disease en masse. The logical conclusion is that they are linked- cause and effect!"

Alissa Cohen, a top Raw Food Chef  who has two successful raw food restaurants in the states lists her
"Top Ten Reasons to Eat Raw Food" below:

1) A raw and living food diet feeds your body and your cells with vitamins, minerals, and life giving enzymes that cooking destroys.
2) Transforms your body, not in years, not in months, but within weeks.
3) Frees yourself from the bondage of dieting. Raw Food helps you lose weight effortlessly without counting calories.
4) Living food is full of life giving enzymes that will make you feel and look younger than ever before!
5) Raw food will help you regain that youthful energy you once had.Your body will feel light and energized-a natural high.
6) Most people notice they need less sleep on the raw food diet.
7) Get Happy with Raw—most people experience an improved state of mind and clarity within days of this diet.
8) Alkalize your body for optimum health. Almost all fruits and vegetables are alkaline forming.
9) Stay healthy and in shape without spending hours working out and starving yourself.
10) We are much more than we eat, but what we eat can help us to be more than what we are.

Image from Michael Somoroff’s exhibition Illumination at the BravinLee Projects Space 2007

I personally believe having just experienced a small part of what raw living foods can do, (80-90% raw food since october last year) that it has helped me to heal that much further from the remaining health problems that i have and in the process it has prompted a huge clearing out and a processing of many buried emotions even ones that i felt i had previously dealt with. It is an on going process but i feel less stuck than i have in a long time. I have known for a while that i have been hiding from what i am here to do in life, even though i thought i was taking steps to get there. I know in my heart that i am a magical medicine woman and as a result of work and experiences i know that i am a healer who can work with a persons energy/light body weaving energy and working on all levels with their guides to help a person heal. If i am totally honest i have felt that i was not ready for the huge responsibilty that i felt this would entail, that i needed to be healthier, to train and study more, to be better at what i wanted to do before i could truly get out there and really start. I had been too scared to actually embrace my gifts and what i felt in my heart i am here to do. I felt for years that i did not have any gifts and i did not have the right to believe in what i did, when i listened that is. These gifts that we all have are a huge hint as to what our calling is and perhaps the key to our happiness. While getting ill or stuck is perhaps the souls way to let us know that we need to try a different path or to listen to our intuition/inner guidance more. To follow our heart rather than our head. It has been funny allowing this process to unfold and seeing myself with greater clarity.

Life seems to be aligning itself more and more everyday and what i want to manifest in my life seems to have started happpening, now that i have a marginally clearer body and mind and as a result clearer intentions about what i really want out of life. I also have less and less fear which is clearing the way and i am starting to give myself a break and love myself more. My intentions had seemed vague and wooley until now, i couldn't see through that enormous brick wall and didn't have the energy to climb up on top to see over it. I felt like i was in a deep dark cave grasping for the light but only seeing occasional pin pricks or flashes and then they would disappear leaving me in the dark again. I feel that my body is less and less in pain and i have more and more energy which is just the most amazing thing after so many years of feeling like i was living a half life. I feel far more joyful and ready to look at the positive in things and not stuck so much in viewing things through a negative lens. I seem to have the energy to shift things out of that place. I feel that i can truly live the idea that in each moment you can choose how you feel and how you react to things (ok not all the time, but definately more than ever before, it's a learning curve) rather than just thinking it was a great concept but then shelving it because it seemed too hard. I definately feel that happy coincidences are happening more and more and i look forward to this increasing.

Powerful insights and profound testimony on the importance of doing what we came here to do.

We are all here for something, something magical and profound i am sure. I know that we are here to look after each other and our planet and to share our gifts. Maybe we don't have any clue as to the why but certainly if we listen to our inner guidance we will get some answers and if we can trust the process we will definately get more than we bargained for, in the best possible way.

I had come across Living foods with Elaine Bruce many years ago and although i didn't follow her advise fully at the time i did feel intuitively that i needed to eat a very simple diet of fresh whole and more often than not raw foods, because my stomach didn't seem to be able to digest anything but that. I was told repeatedly by everyone around me that that i had an eating disorder because of this way of eating which made me question what i was doing and although this way of eating seemed to be soley responsible for helping me to get well enough to get out of bed and start to function a little better i did wondered if it was the right way to be eating. Anyway i stuck to what i thought i needed at the time and years later after several nudgings i have finally come back to Elaine Bruces teachings. I think these promptings began more strongly when i was pregnant but after about 10 months in Norway i began to get daily pushes to look into it. I am not sure now whose website i started reading first or what made me actually start but looking back on it it has definately felt guided and it was something that just made total sense to me, i finally resonated with the idea and i began to feel wonderful.

There are so many online raw food resources and books out there but a few that come to mind that i have resonated with are:

1) "The Lazy Raw Foodist Guide"  is an amazing e-book by Laura Bruno, a raw foodist,writer, life coach and medical intuitive.She is very grounded in her approach and likes to have fun with it. She says that finding your why comes before finding your way and she is so right. Without knowing the why it makes a whole lot harder to find your way and that goes for everything in life.
Her main webpage is: www.internationalrenaissancecoaching.com. I have just ordered another book by her called "If I Only Had A Brain Injury" mainly because she talks about how she recovered from a brain injury which changed her life and prompted her into working as a medical intuitive and helping others recover from Lyme disease, Chronic Fatigue etc etc.

About the author from amazon:
"Laura Bruno is an Intuitive Life Coach, Medical Intuitive and Reiki Master Teacher. She has taught natural healing classes around the US and coaches people from all over the world. On the verge of beginning a PhD program in English Literature, Laura suffered a 1998 brain injury that dramatically altered the course of her life. "If I Only Had a Brain Injury" offers an insider's look at a "Medical Mystery" from the unique perspective of a survivor, Medical Intuitive and spouse of someone who has since recovered from Lyme Disease. This healing guide draws upon "The Wizard of Oz" as a universal myth and model for healing."

I also love this You Tube lecture by her on
Synchronicity, Intuition and Intention.

2) The Best of Raw Food is a great site for recipes when you are starting out.
3) The Raw Food Chef is a blog by Raw Food chef Russell James who creates the most amazing mouth watering recipes.
4) Famous Raw foodies interesting.
5) Shazzie "Shazzie has been a vegan since 1986 and a raw foodist since 2000. She became an instant raw food superstar in 2000, when she started her world-famous blog ..." She is quirky, amusing and incredibly knowledgeable about raw food. She is also successfully raising her daughter as a raw food vegan. Her other website www.detoxyourworld.com is a great online resource for raw products, supplements, books etc.
6) Raw Model  for pure sexiness
7) The Raw Food World Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes Monarchs website about all things raw, including their very popular online T.V show.
8) Raw Reform Angela Stokes Monarchs website telling her story about her incredible weight loss through raw natural foods which among other things includes her inspiring blog.
9) Alissa Cohen Raw food chef says "Eating raw clears the fog from your mind so you can think better. It cleans you out physically so you can move in your body and therefore in your life. The raw food lifestyle IS about food but not in the way people think. It’s about feeding yourself the right foods to create the life you want. It’s so connected. I know there are a lot of people who don’t get this yet, but if what you eat doesn’t effect you – your physical well-being, your thoughts, your moods, your actions, and just your overall state of mind – what would?If what we ingest everyday, numerous times a day, doesn’t effect us, what possibly would!"
10) Karyn Calabrese entrepreneur, author and raw foodie.
11)Raw For Life clip with Michael Beckwith and David Wolfe.
12) The "Go Further"film trailerFilmmaker Ron Mann ventures along with the actor Woody Harrelson , Laura , family and friends on a 1500 mile bike trek. This 2001 Sol Tour begins the voiceyourself mission to promote the merits of Simple Organic Living. Rolling along as a living classroom is the hemp fueled mothership. Campus stops and regular folk enjoy the antics and the lessons to learn about leaving a lighter footprint. I haven't seen the full film yet but the trailer made me laugh.
.......and so much more.

I think the key is having fun with it all and eating what you want and feeling balanced doing it. Go with your intuition and love what you are doing and if not change something. If you would like to try introducing one thing that is guaranteed to make you feel better introduce one green smoothie a day. It may only be 20% greens and the rest fruit so that you can't taste the greens, but it is a start. Do what you feel comfortable with and no more.

Dream Your Dreams Into Being.

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