Wednesday, 3 February 2010


This is a stream of consciousness/one of my morning page entries from August 25th 2009. I wanted to share this with you today because it is an incredibly clear and powerful message and i think it might also resonate with more than a few of you.

"What becomes of the broken hearted,who shall pull those faces off the ground, who shall mend those weary ones, hear their cries, shall you just let them go? Who shall walk with them unbidden, who shall work alongside them in life. What shall happen when you let these go, let your dreams slip away. What shall become of you without your dreams and your yearnings to become a healer. A better way it to keep those dreams like a flag held aloft taken with all the oaths and promises, imbued with spiritual and magical powers. A medicine blanket that taps into the protection of spirit, of life, of the heart. Be true to who you are, tap into the deepest roots of knowing and healing, let those threads weave their way from head to toe, leading you, guiding you on your path, because they will hear what is true and what's dead, what is not yours. The deepest connection is the one that you can make with yourself. To allow yourself to shine, to release yourself from the bonds of should, could, would. What would we do without our guides, our magic beings, our helpers, our angels, our love. We are all one walking together and setting the same game in place. What dreams have you, what goals, what desires can you make real today, this month, this year?Who is calling you, here in your name? We are calling, we are the guides and guardiens of the woodlands, of the fields and the fens, of the brooks and the dells and the fairy glens.We are the spirits of lost time of maigcal beings, of wonder, of light, of the earth, of all that is. What we want is you to re-root to heal fully your karmic patterns of fear, loss, paralysis, lack of movement in the healing skills/field that you were born for. You are here to let light shine forth, to pour light into every cell, to shout it forth on every airwave, to live it with every breath and to allow others to do the same. The time is now for great things, for the light and the love of this task has been waiting for you to train. But to also realise that you can do more. But you start with the childs energy of life and exuberance. The ability to have a soaring mind, above the world taking flight to see what needs to be seen in the heart, soul, mind and body. Body therapy combined with light work and art will be the way. You must start with crystal clearing and healing on yourself everyday and use the teachings Zaria has entrusted to you and start to journey again to find a way to use it in the world.What seems is not as it is and what is is not what it seems. Where you are is perfect and nothing now can stop you from what you want-herbal knowledge and magic, psychic surgery, weaving, nutrition, colour and light medicine, it will all come. The spirit teachers are waiting for you. Ask and they will come. Come here and learn all that we can teach you and know that you will surpass all expectations. You are able to be all that you want to be. We will help but you need to keep listening to what comes unbidden, unrefined, unforced, like magic it will appearand this time you cannot miss it and you cannot runaway/escape it is in you and it is so strongly your destiny to be a magical medicine woman that no other path will be allowed. We have plans for so much wonderful work that you cannot imagine the fun and excitement it will bring.Who would have thought that life could be so joyous, ecstatic and magical. We are all here just jumping with anticipation. Waiting for your first journey as a mum. Waiting to hear where you want to go and where you need to go. It is all written and we know you are no longer scared of spirit. It is here it is yours. It is all you ever asked for in all your past lives. You have been well looked after and now is the time to release, to let go, to surrender in an empowered way. There is no reason to let go of your power, but you can let go of the mental stronghold of depression and lack of movement. It has been a long journey but you are there, you are ready to launch to have absolute faith that who you are and what you do is worth everything. You are so valued by us and by all those who know. You are beyond imagining and all that we know we give you. We are the gatekeepers, we are the ones that have been keeping this knowledge for you until you were truly ready and now is the time. The time for all that is needed and we can let it go into you. We release it into you yet still remain to watch and to protect and guide in the deepest love and loyalty and friendship. We are the ones that were called for all those years ago. We are the ones that came. Who saw a beacon of light in a small girl who had buried it all under self doubt, hate,lack of connection, lack of self knowledge, love or balance. What you undid you rebuilt and even though you can get swept away by these thoughts you never need become them again. You have strength, self knowledge and healing in your heart, in your arms, in your head. In your arms they are dancing letting you know that you need to start dancing in your circle of light, taking action from this connected space where life belongs. We say start now, live now, let life open up and rejoice in all that you have been given. This life is yours, take it use it and enjoy it. "

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  1. Darling Freya,

    This is profoundly moving and inspirational. Thank you for posting your morning page of writng - it is wonderful for us all to read - to see your path in this lifetime and also to see it resonating in our own lives. The time most certainly is now - and "we are the ones we have been waiting for" as the Tribal Elder said. THANK YOU. huge hugs and love Mama xxxx


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