Thursday, 25 February 2010

When it all goes wheat shaped

For some reason, although knowing that wheat/gluten absolutely does me in whenever i eat it, i managed to work my way through a packet of wheat cheese biscuits on sunday night having not eaten wheat for a looong time. ( I know when something isn't doing me any good when i can't stop eating it and still....)
 If i'm completely honest it wasn't just that there was nothing in the house ( i had a fridge full of fresh foods) it was because i was feeling rather low after my mum had gone back to the UK after a wonderful 5 days spent with her here in Oslo and i needed some comfort food. ( oh that old chesnut rearing its ugly head) Although i should have learnt by now that you can't get the ultimate comfort that you are looking for from this kind of food, just an initial numbing of a feeling, and that wheat especially instead of comforting me pushes me into a trough of depression, sickness and pain. Vomiting, diorehea, headaches, earaches, extreme exhaustion and aeching muscles that did not want to be moved so that the only thing for it was to succumb to my bed for 3 days. It is amazing what a hold emotional eating has and ultimately what an effect food can have on our bodies and on our moods. I suspect that after a week of eating more cooked foods than normal i thought hey what harm can this do.......luckily i know that getting back to eating nourishing foods helps and from here the only way is up. I am happy to say that i am almost out of the wheat made trough and back to myself. Next time i hope that the warning signs will be bigger than the perceived comfort of a wheat biscuit or at least that i can have the wisdom to see the next step.

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