Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Inspiration Cafe

My friends and i had such a fabulous time on sunday at the aptly named I n s p i r a s j o n s  k a f é . It is a once a month or sometimes twice a month Raw Food cafe run by raw food chef Anne Madhumavi Olsen in her home at Stubberud gård, Sørkedalen, Oslo. It was truly inspiring and i think if you had filmed us eating the Abundance tallerken/plate it would have made a fabulous advert for what she does. We were in raptures over every mouthful and were very voluble about how amazing we thought it all was. Each item was truly delicious and we ate our way through so many wonderful tastes and different types of raw food, it was just a treat to sample it all. We had raw pizza, raw pasta made from courgette with the most delectable sauce and  salads with delicious dressings and tapenardes. It was a wonderful tapas experience. We even found room afterwards to share some raw cakes, mmm what heaven and all eaten out in the sunshine looking out onto a beautiful view.

Her home is a beautiful old farmhouse called Stubberud gård out in the countryside to the west of Oslo ( we walked most of the way from the Røa T-bane past a large lake and the Bogstad gård, so worked up a good apetite) and the perfect setting for it all. It is has big, light rooms (good for the talk they had that afternoon and when the weather isn't so good and to live in too!) and a big balcony/patio out at the back where we sat to soak up the sun and sample the delicious food. It was a beautiful experience and very special to be welcomed into her home with such warmth and love. I loved having the opportunity to talk to people and sample various raw food items for sale and even have shots of wheatgrass ( not to be repeated on its own for me, although it was sweeter than i thought. I have previously only ever had it in powder form mixed with something else). She also had some some raw food kitchen equipment for sale and there were raw food books and magazines to browse through.

To sit out in the sun and munch our way through a heavenly feast of raw food that set our tastes buds on fire was just the perfect way to spend a sunday. We are already looking forward to the next one!
But next time i will definately bring my camera, so i apologise for the pictures here as i feel they don't come close to capturing the magic.


(P.S Update: Anne Madhumavi Olsen has now set up with Lars Grini the Helt Rå Food Cafes in Oslo and Sandvika. )

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