Friday, 9 April 2010

The Natural Recovery Plan

Alison Adams book "Chronic Fatigue, ME and Fibromyalgia- The Natural Recovery Plan"

I was sent this wonderful book recently and felt it was incredibly important to share a review of it here. I believe it will help a huge number of people with fatigue related illnesses and i love the fact that the author writes about many of the things that have helped me to recover from Chronic Fatigue so i know that this works.

As someone who had chronic fatigue for over 10 years and who had to find their own path to wellness i only wish that Alison Adams Book had been available years ago. This book is an absolute godsend for anyone with M.E, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, autoimmune diseases or even simply for anyone who wants to improve their general health. It looks at the symptoms of fatigue related syndromes and their causes and sets out clear guidance for a multifaceted approach, giving concrete solutions to help heal from this complex and devastating illness.

Some of the changes she suggests include:

o Diet and supplementation to support the body’s routes of elimination in order to help the body detoxify from such things as toxic metals, viruses/bacteria, Candida and parasites.

o Addressing old emotional wounds and issues - "Our illnesses are our greatest teachers and the greatest test of our strength"

o Cleaning up your environment by reducing further exposure to some commonly occurring toxins (such as from cosmetics and toiletries and diet as well as from environmental toxins, pharmaceuticals, amalgam fillings and vaccinations)

o Possible need to review dental work and remove an on going source of toxicity from amalgam fillings or dental infections such as root filled teeth, cavitations and gum disease.

She also gives you a wonderful understanding of your own body and about why the pharmaceutical approach is not working for these illnesses and just what incredible results this natural approach can produce. It is a book that gives you reassurance that recovery is possible, that you can heal and not only get your life back but a better one into the bargain.

"This book is a clear, insightful, informative and sympathetic guide for sufferers and practitioners alike, from someone who discovered the information the hard way" (quote from the backcover of the book)

See Amazon and the Book Depository for more reviews and information and also Alisons website

 There is hope!

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