Wednesday, 7 April 2010

A Magical Journey

I would like to share with you my most recent shamanic journey, it is beautiful and full of blessings that  i hope will filter down into my every day life overtime and touch yours too. 

I see stars, see light that is star bright. "Allow the mysteries of the universe to unfold and with it your dreams of a home, to nurture your children and to have light pouring through you. Light is upon you. Light is shining. You are shining. You are a shining, bright, happy, sunshine medicine woman." 

 I stand at my tree with my hands outstretched and they fill with stars, light blue in colour, all wishes for healing children. Each star is a wish to keep their hearts open and their spirit bright and alive. I  turn and i am surrounded by spirit children and a whole village of all ages around their inner circle. They all carry gifts and blessings, jewels that glint in the sun-beautiful rainbow coloured jewels and one by one they place them in my hands (I wear a golden crown suddenly with jewels and a bright purple one at my third eye) and they weave me in light and colour and support. They heal my fears until there is nothing but clarity and light. "You are a clear channel and you will attract beauty, love, health and wealth. These gifts that come in abundance are woven into your being to shine out to help fit the pieces together for others. The colours will find a place in each person. Soothing, healing, cleansing and renewing. Your crown is your beacon". I hold (oak?) seedlings in my hands which are planted in my womb and in a ring around my feet where my feet touch the earth, barefooted, deliciously feeling the moist, alive, purposeful earth. It has purpose, it has growth, it is wholly nurturing and enabling and i delight in touching it, feeling it, becoming at one with it. In between each sapling is a strong weave of golden light which is woven to support their growth. Allowing them to choose their path and direction, but also giving them unbending support which grows as they do. "It is natural to gift support to others, to help those who need it. It is possible when you come from a place of strength and wholeness in yourself. When you are whole you are able to help and support others. It is not a need, it is, it is a way that needs no asking. You see with clarity the need in others- the loss, the dents, the fracture, the veils that stop the light. The wholeness in you will allow you to be the healer you always wanted to be for yourself. A mirror of wholeness and golden light and love. Pure, simple, uncomplicated, shining, allowed to weave your magic or simply to allow the magic to take place. To let it all happen because wholeness brings faith, trust and true true happiness. This golden light is so healing, nourishing and divine, it is divine, it is the source and you are part of it. You have allowed the door to open again and there are no barriers. You were under an illusion that there were doors closed, but here you are radiant in knowledge, blessings and jewels of rainbow light radiating their healing and magic. They are you now, they are absolute, they are what always was and always would be: love in abundance. Your path is so clear- you are a parent, a mother, a wife and you are a healer, each time you meet someone who needs the light. You stand in this shamanic, healing, blessed space and cannot remember a time of such connection, love, empowerment, energy, light, hope and wishfulfilment as now. You bask in the glory of each moment here soaking up every ounce." The elders step forward now with different gifts- emerald glass/jewels with planetary and star wisdom, wisdom of all the ages. Green is the theme. Metatron, the angel, allowing the blazing orange light to light up each of these emeralds so that they shine.

Night has fallen and they stand out like glowing hubs/fire torches with magical powers-life enhancing, cleansing and healing any fragments, broken pieces, patterns of behaviour, refracted light and bringing out into the light hidden depths, hidden parts, untapped wisdom, untapped hopes and ideals. Belief that you can do something no matter what. Belief that nothing can stop you when you work for the highest good for all and from love. The emeralds have become like jewels in my hair, lighting my face and glinting in my hair. They sink into me, become a part of me and go deep deep into my psyche, into my cells, fires of warmth, energy and spirit. They heal, mend and connect. They talk to each other and they remember what it was like to be whole, to move freely, to be clean and clear and shining allowing the light and connecting with ease. They are delighted at this new speed of connection, they are permanently in touch so that everything moves easily and i am given a huge gift by a king (he also wears a golden crown). I undo the soft pink ribbon around the white box and inside on soft and fluffy sheepskin lies a clean, pink healthy baby -content, bright and so happy and safe. She giggles and sparkles. She has a twin boy who appears, i am not sure that i want him to be there, but he grows as i look at him, becoming a man and he hugs me with such love and strength and i see i also need this baby, this man in my life to nurture every part of me. The two babies embrace and join becoming a dancing ball of light which is gifted to me. I hug this ball of light to me and it bursts through any remaining barriers with the strength of its light. It pours into every part of me-the little girl- the bright energetic soul and the little boy the protecting, more grounded side. Both i need. They dance back and forth between one side and the other of me and strew their gifts. Silver coins of fortune, good fortune- so much luck and protection and delights. "They are important. Hold them but also let them flow freely because then they will keep replenishing endlessly." My feet are being painted, hennaed by the earth, my arms by nature, leaves covering my arms, tummy, back, head, legs. I am naked apart from leaves. I am nature- the trees, grasses, leaves, ferns, dells, moorlands, hillsides, flowers, spring, moss, baby clovers, dandelions- the wild things, the wild and natural parts to consume, to love, to be a part of .

 I dance in the streams and the brooks as the sunlight sparkles through the water glimmering, refracting jewels of light and movement all showered over me. Water is a blessing to cleanse, clean, clean out, washout and sparkle through your being. Your feet are washed in this delicious, singing, sparkling brook, you are again surrounded by your village of spirit helpers/family. They carry you and support you as you float down the gentle babbling stream of life. Yet it is so shallow that equally you could stand and walk, yet you choose to relax, to lie back in the sun and allow the gentle waters to support you. To gently soothe anything that needs to be, to hold you, love you as you grow and change. Welcome all these sparkling, bright, sunshiney jewels. Delight in the light and the blessings. Nurture yourself with raw and intuitively led foods - bless your food and allow love, only love, to enter your thoughts. You are at one. Thank you for sharing all that you are with us.

One final gift is from a little boy and then also from an old man. The little boy gives me a tuning fork to sound out the correct vibrations around me and the older man gives me a box of delicious foods to nourish me on every level to keep replenishing myself and my reserves forever. I thank them all so much and receive a collective hug and the old man wraps us all in his cloak and with his staff he winds us all in together until i am left in the clearing on my own with the magic wizards staff in my hands and all the gifts, blessings and wisdom safely wrapped up inside me.

What a deliciously magical and healing journey. I feel so blessed to have experienced it and it's ongoing radiant effects.

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