Friday, 17 February 2012

One Day You Will

....aaah and back to the blogging world. I have to say i am really happy to have left January behind, it was a long month of chickenpox quarantines ( sadly no one was up for a chicken pox party) and illness starting with chickenpox for the youngest on New Years Eve and seemingly endless rounds of flu and viruses since, with each boy taking it in turns and Andreas and i succumbing eventually too. The quote that has been keeping me going through the tough stuff is "ONE DAY YOU WILL" and some fabulous blogs like "Taking Time" and Soule Mama ( i also have Amanda Soules wonderful book "Handmade Home" and next on my list is her book "Rhythm of Family") as well as some sweet dvds like Brother Bear and a fabulous friend who has been checking in with me almost every day and sending me funny things to keep me going like this, thank you Nicole you are amazing. But i have to say for the most part i have, dare i say it, been an uber mum/nurse thinking of endless activities for the various stages of sickness and making lovely herbal and natural tonics and healing juices and foods. But now i am done i want to get out, have some fun and a change of scene. I want to see people and i want to feel good about me.

So i was lucky enough to book flights to zip over to the UK for my dads 60th birthday party on my own, a first since Sebastian was born ( time to read, sleep and party on my own and come home to my lovely boys refreshed and bouncing again) and vainly that led to fantasies about getting a new haircut. But having been to quite a few places in Oslo since moving here and ending up disappointed i wondered where i could go without feeling completely let down after parting with a huge wad of cash and feeling that the hairdresser hadn't listened to me at all. After a chance conversation a friend recommended Adam and Eva in Grønland. I was sceptical, but i loved the place and Maria actually listened to what i wanted and seemed to tailor it to me and what suited me. I LOVED it and i still love it a few weeks later. Yeah!

One day you will, but where you are right now is where you are meant to be. If you can see the value in that it makes things much easier and sometimes you really can see that this is the only place you should be.

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