Sunday, 1 August 2010

Fruity Flapjacks

These are so delicious that a tray of these yummy flapjacks don't last more than a day or so in our house. They are perfect for lunchboxes and in my case just munching at home with a big mug of tea while i work.

Fruity Flapjacks
(adapted from Annabel Karmels recipe)
200g oats
30g raisins
30g sultanas
30g dried cranberries
(For the dried fruit i used half raisins and half apricots, chopped)
30g dessicated coconut (i used 60g)
85g butter (or Vegan spread)
4 tablespoons of golden syrup ( i used 4-5 tablespoons of honey)
110g brown sugar (which can be omitted and they taste just as good, only better for you)
Quarter teaspoon of vanilla essence
and i also added 1-2 handfuls of the Linwoods milled flax,sunflower,pumpkin,sesame seed and goji berry mix


1)Set oven to 150 degrees C/300F and line a large tin with baking paper.
2)Melt butter, syrup (or honey/dates*) and the sugar if you are including it, together in a pan. Add this mixture to all the other ingredients that you have prepared in a mixing bowl and mix together.
3)Press down firmly into the tin and bake for 35-40 mins until golden and a little crispy.

N.B To prevent crumbling:

a) Don't cut them into squares until they are almost cold (chilling them in the fridge first can help), particularly if you've only used honey to sweeten them or b) Add a handful of dates* (destoned and chopped) when you heat your butter and honey as it makes the perfect syrup and keeps the flapjacks together perfectly.


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