Monday, 30 August 2010

The Beautiful Green

La Belle Verte

Finally, a film that presents the quirks of our modern and frantic living in a very humorous and simple way. This film doesn't "try" to make you laugh, you just do so because you can see yourself in it. La Belle Verte/The Beautiful Green (1996) is a French film written and directed by Colin Serreau which tells a beautiful story strongly encompassing the need to bring a spiritual balance of ecology, love and compassion to today’s world. It is about awakening and reawakening to ourselves and to what is important in life. We have become so disconnected from the earth and from ourselves and somehow we need to find a way back, to find a balance and perhaps to simplify things or at least to realise some simple truths. Originally in French, the film's protagonist is Mila who is half earthling and half alien! She lives on a planet far away from ours which is much more spiritually advanced and ecologically balanced than ours. They have already been through, and survived, an industrial revolution, different political systems, borders and money among other things and have ended up being a spiritually advanced race of peace loving raw fooders, skilled in the arts of telepathy and teleportation. The alien planet wants to send a representative to Earth to check on its developments and gauge the energy levels there. 

They send Mila who is 150 years old and has five children; encoded in her brain are two telepathic programs designed to restructure the thinking of destructive humans. The first is a fairly mild program designed to inspire the humans to rethink their world and begin asking some difficult questions. The other is far stronger and rapidly indoctrinates subjects with lofty utopian ideals and makes them deeply aware of themselves.

Mila lands in Paris and is unnoticed but for the sudden, inexplicable power surges and outages that occur whenever she sends a telepathic message to her alien cohorts. Instead of eating, Mila draws energy from holding newborn babies.It is while holding an orphan infant in an obstetrics ward that her Earthly troubles begin. Feeling deeply for the baby's plight, she confronts the ward's head doctor and when logic fails, lets one of her programs work on him. He sees the light and begins helping her to save the baby from the welfare workers. He reawakens to the beauty in life. 

You can see the whole thing on YouTube here or buy the Dvd on amazon here.  Please stick with this utterly amazing (must see) film that highlights the many unfortunate flaws of the Human race. As well as being extremely funny, it's incredibly insightful and thought provoking. 

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