Friday, 21 January 2011

A Waiting Game's not something i'm very good at, but when it comes to waiting for a baby to be born you simply have no choice but to sit tight until the baby is ready to make it's move into the world. Well that is unless you are pushed to have an induction, usually 14 days after your due date, even though i believe that the due date is not that accurate. Every due date is calculated from the first day of your last period which for me they originally calculated to be 21/01/11, even though the internet due date calculators (depending on which one you use ) come up with the due date of anything from 14th-16th January 2011. However when i had my first dating scan at 18 weeks they moved the due date to 11/01/2011 making me 10 days over due today and by tuesday 14 days over. This means that i have already been booked in for a hospital appointment on tuesday 25th to discuss induction and from that date onwards if i haven't had the baby i will no longer be allowed to give birth at the wonderful Føderiket, the natural birth unit in Oslo where i had planned to give birth. Sooooo i am feeling very frustrated and rather stressed by the situation as i don't want to be induced and would rather let the baby decide it's birth day.  (Have a look at this article about being overdue and reasons for induction.)

 I've actually been sick for the last 2 weeks with flu, a chest infection and sinusitis so i suspect that i have not had enough energy to go into labour, so today i finally went for acupuncture at the Frøya Clinic in Oslo whose practitioners specialise in pregancy, so that i might boost my system and help things along a little. The acupuncturist i saw was amazing and i already feel heaps better as a result. He felt it was wise to wait with naturally inducing things until i felt a bit better so he simply concentrated on getting my system more energised. Nevertheless i am keeping my fingers crossed that things will happen over the weekend as a result.

So i will try to sit back, relax and enjoy the moments before our baby is ready to join us (and hope that if nothing happens before tuesday that the hospital can be persuaded to wait another week at least...i will for sure refuse to be induced unless they give me a VERY good reason) and if in doubt i will book back in for another acupuncture session!!


  1. Hope it goes the natural way for you - all the best for the big day.

  2. Thank you so much. Luckily it all kicked off the day before the scheduled induction, phew!!


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