Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Easy Peasy Icecream

My son is a massive fan of icecream, who isn't right, but like me his tummy doesn't like cows milk too much so we eat this yummy dairy free icecream instead. It takes just minutes to whip up, which is just the way i like it and is so good that Theo and i always want more!

 Chocolate Icecream 
For 2 people

2 bananas (broken into small pieces and frozen overnight)
2 tablespoons of dark chocolate powder (adapt depending on how chocolatey you like it)
2 tablespoons honey or maple syrup
4 drops vanilla essence
A good splash of soya/rice milk to mix 

bung it all in a blender and zap until fully blended 
Eat straight away and enjoy!

another favourite:

Fruit Icecream
For 2 people

1 banana (frozen in pieces overnight or it can be fresh if using frozen berries)
2 handfuls of frozen berries (for example blueberries, raspberries etc or just one kind on its own)
2 drops of vanilla essence
optional dollop of udo's choice oil (blend of omega oils 3-6-9) which makes it creamier in taste
and a good splash of apple juice or orange juice to blend it all 
 I also sometimes add a tablespoon of green superfood powder to get some more goodness into Theo.

As above bung it all in a blender and zap until fully blended. 
Eat straight away and enjoy!

For another dairy free icecream recipe follow this link

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