Saturday, 7 May 2011

New International Mother's Group in Oslo

So i've finally set up the international mother's group that i've been meaning to establish for a while- Freya's Oslo International Mother's Group. It was something i was looking for when i first moved to Oslo and didn't find so i just felt this second time around with baby number two that i should make it happen. On posting my first meeting i discovered that while busy in the early days with baby Sebastian The International Mother and Baby Group Oslo was established offering a similar thing, oops. Obviously great minds think alike and i do think the more opportunities the merrier, i hope they do too! So if you are in Oslo and feel like meeting up with other mother's with or without your children then take a look at these pages and come along to meet some new people. I really look forward to meeting you.

update 2012 My group has a new name: Freya's International Mothers/Fathers Group

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