Monday, 9 May 2011

Life Alignment teaching comes to Oslo spring 2012?

Life Alignment is an incredible technique that i believe will transform many lives and because of my own experience of its benefits its a technique that i really want to train in as an addition to the healing tools that i already offer. I have already been in contact with one of the teachers in the UK, Cherry Tyfield, because its not currently taught in Norway (although it used to be) and she's said that if i can get a minimum of 10 people together who want to train in this technique then she would be willing to come to Oslo in spring 2012 to teach it. SOOO if you are interested please get in touch via my e-mail address: and let me know. What a fabulous opportunity.

The Life Alignment system of healing is quite extraordinary. It is a profound and powerful method of healing, personal empowerment and transformation and it consists of a number of different healing systems which address all aspects of our life experiences. Deep healing and restoration of harmony within yourself and others is possible with this technique. It's a system of natural healing that aligns your subtle and physical bodies using Kinesiology and dowsing to identify the root causes of pain, stress, illness, emotional blocks and limiting belief patterns. It transmutes negative energies and empowers you to bring about transformation and a conscious reality of balance and alignment with your self and the world you 

Our bodies are made up of electromagnetic fields that hold our negative emotions. These can be accessed and released using Life Alignment techniques and as each one is released we are able to vibrate at a higher frequency and lighten our load emotionally and electrically. Once blockages are released, the energy flow is restored, and the emotional stress is freed to bring back a state of health and happiness. This form of healing gives you a spiritual and emotional detox. It assists in the experience of empowerment and awareness and is a tool for both personal and global transformation. 

In the recently published book Life Alignment Philippa Lubbock tells the wonderful story of how one of today's foremost healers, Dr Jeff Levin, came to understand that he was being given a special message - and the gift of practising and teaching this extraordinarily powerful new vibrational healing method. In the course of her account she explains how the healing system works. The mind controls the body, with the result that self-limiting beliefs and repressed feelings are the real root cause of illness. The corollary of this is that everything we need to heal is actually within us. Life Alignment works with the individual's higher consciousness - which is accessed through muscle testing and dowsing - to ascertain the root causes of the disease. Then, with the help of Dr Levin's powerful Life Alignment Vortex Cards, the healing process happens - rapidly and with incredible ease. Here are heart-warming and astonishing stories of how ordinary people lucky enough to have discovered Life Alignment have been instantly healed - from a range of physical and mental problems. Philippa's own story demonstrates the extraordinary power of the Life Alignment Vortex Cards which are just one aspect of this miraculous new system of healing: ' - I visited a blood microscopist in Devon, to carry out an experiment using my own blood. Placing 3 Vortex cards on my body changed my blood cells from unhealthy to healthy in minutes. Normally this kind of transformation takes a minimum of 3 months and a strict diet to change previously unhealthy misshapen cells, which we all have, to healthy, round cells.' Life Alignment will genuinely change your life." Amazon

Life Alignment is certified as a recognised School of the Association of Energy Therapists and on the British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA) Affiliated School Register. (BCMA Aff). Practitioners are entitled to become full BCMA members. "

Come and train in this fabulous technique i am sure it will be worth it.

Update: Life Alignment comes to Oslo March 23rd-25th 2012

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