Monday, 14 November 2011

Networking Food

Networking Food is a short documentary being made by my brother, Ben Mann, about alternative food sources in London. Through it he aims to show how ensuring a fairer, sustainable food system, where people throughout the world have access to healthy food, requires reforming the way we produce, distribute and consume food in the UK- a country at the heart of this unjust and unsustainable food system. He feels that London is the perfect showcase for such a system: a handful of supermarkets dominate the food system, an incredible amount of food is wasted everyday, and fresh, healthy food has become the privilege of the wealthy, while those worse off have only access to low quality, fatty and sugar-rich food.  But London is also the city in which community organisations are shaping alternatives.
Passing Clouds, Dalston, London, home on sundays to the People's Kitchen -food by the people, for the people - using food surplus that would otherwise go to waste. See a blog post about it here.

Networking Food tries to depict a picture of these realities, from city farms to consumer co-operatives, farmers’ markets, community kitchens and  many creative ways in which communities around the city create synergies to reduce dependency on the corporate food system, and produce, distribute and consume food in a sustainable, ecological, and socially just way.
The People's Kitchen Dalston, London

We need to step up and get involved in this change. If you want to have your say go to the Networking Food blog

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