Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Inner Wisdom

My stream of unedited morning thoughts written last week on scraps of paper while taking the train with two littlies sleeping next to me:

"Stuck, stupefied, brain fog, exhaustion, unfocused, unclear........ but these things will shift, waiting in the wings is great clarity, great hope, great success. Light will pour down through your whole being. You are a clear channel and we are waiting until Sebastian is old enough to allow you to fly again with your healing career. For now you need to be cocooned in this space, to be learning, being a mother, being completely in the moment, present and wholly there for him and Theodore. It is not the time just yet for great launches out into the world. When the time is right the people will come, they will flood, they will pour in from every direction for the light and wisdom that you carry is ancient and will help unlock, to empower and to liberate others who will come for help. You don't need to understand it you just need to let it flow through you. You are spirit learning to be human. It can be a rough road but a joyous one full of inspiration, heart connection and many different souls with many different lessons. Look on them all and any situation that presents itself as your teacher. What can i learn from this? What can i do with what i've been given? How can i use what i have learnt? Have faith that life is a magical mystery with occasional glimpses/full on vistas of the whole picture. You are looked after on so many levels, nurture the light, paint the soul paintings, eat the soul food, listen to soul music, dance, walk in nature and love-art is your passion and the further unlocking of your gifts, your power is in the use of your hands in healing, in creation of art work, art pieces that hold the awakening healing energy, the matrix, the geometric grid, the sacred hologram. Sing the light, be the light, dance the light, become the light. Life Alignment will take you to another level.Your guides believe you should make art, soul art to unlock your full potential-decorate your house with art work that brings absolute joy, healing and complete protection from magnetic smog. The depression is your life long deplesion through electromagnetic smog. You need to protect yourself from this to be able to stay fully in that zinging joyful energised state, that is your natural state. You are shoved off centre each day by these elements.You know it, you are so sensitive that you can feel it wherever you are. Geometric, sacred geometric patterns will help. Start small and build. You will be a huge success-go for it. Allow it to happen, heal as you go. Be the example and you will attract all you need. Joy, Light, Spirit, Hope."

I put these personal morning pages into my blog to show that we all have days when we feel out of balance and our thoughts and way of being is not perhaps as we would like, but if we can tune in and step out of this we can get great guidance and can often refocus and align again. This reminded me that i am going in the right direction, but everything has its time and place.

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