Thursday, 24 March 2011

The Magic and the Mystery

A friend sent me this beautiful film yesterday of the Northern lights/aurora borealis seen here in the north of Norway. It's stunnng and made me feel that there is more than a little magic in the world. It also made me think, gosh 2 years now in Norway and not a even a glimpse of these famous lights, i must get a wriggle on and get up north to see them.....

It was my 33rd birthday yesterday, a day of spring sunshine, fabulous people and spoiling treats and celebrations. The day started with a delicious birthday breakfast and dancing, then adventures in the sun, including a picnic at our new house (yes we've bought a house, a house, our own house. We're totally overexcited, it's our first house and we move in on June 1st. It's such a relief after months of looking) and a raucous evening with lovely girlfriends and a delicious meal that my husband cooked for us all, the darling, he was totally amazing and i was thoroughly spoilt by everyone. Thank you for the magic!

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  1. Dear Freya,

    What a wonderful blog! I feel happy just reading through it! You are a such a fab writer and I am loving reading about your adventures and take on life.
    Am drooling at the choclate ice cream....mmmm!!!

    Keep living and loving life!
    Laila xxx


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