Sunday, 6 March 2011

Exciting Times

What is is about having a baby and needing to move on and find a new home? When my first son Theodore was just 4 months old we moved to Norway, wow, and with my second son still in the womb we heard that our lovely rented house that we've lived in since moving to Norway, and have loved, was to be put on the market. Sadly for us it then sold in january for far more than we could offer. BUT after the initial errgg of this and thinking of moving with a young baby (and toddler) we then got really excited at the thought of actually looking for the first time for a house to buy. It's definately an exciting time because who knows where we will actually move to or which house we will end up in!

We've been looking now for two months now and in the process have really explored Oslo by going to viewings all over the city, which in itself has been a cool thing. We even went to view a house we really liked when i was in the first stages of labour thinking that we didn't want to miss out on a good house and that the walk there would get things moving. The house wasn't for us but it certainly speeded things up because we went to the birth unit not long after we got home and Sebastian was born just 4 hours after that. I think the estate agent however was rather shocked when Andreas, in response to the question "is your wife all right?" as she viewed me heavy breathing on her clients sofa, said "Oh she's fine she's just in labour!"
 It's also been an interesting process in helping us to narrow down what we want in a house/ a home. We've decided more than ever that the area you live in and therefore the community around you is far more important than the actual house. Of course we don't want to live in a horrible house and there have been some horrors, but for us there is no point living in a dream house if we're isolated and miserable in it. Wherever you move to it of course takes time to build connections with people around you even if you move within the same city, which we are planning to do, so for that reason we don't want to be in an area that feels too alien in terms of the mix of people or the feel. If we could move the people we've become friends with and love from where we are right now it would be ideal, but at least we are only moving 19 minutes by tram from here so we hopefully wont lose touch with them anyway.
With every house we've ever moved into we've always written down our ideal wish list for the house in order to put it out there and strongly bring it our way. Every time it's done just that, it has attracted the exact house we've asked for down to the last detail, including anything we've forgotten to put on the list......note to self!!!Now we just need to trust that again that 'our' house will find us as long as we hold our dream house in mind and keep looking. We have 2 months before we have to move out and i'm excited to see where we end up!

Update: We found our new house in mid march and guess what, it was everything we asked for on our list, no joke! I really do believe in the cosmic wish list and here is another blog post to illustrate this point, totally unscientific but then i was never one for needing that kind of proof anyway.

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