Tuesday, 15 December 2009

A stream of consciousness

This is such a great tool to start to unload all the mental chatter that may be holding you back or blocking you from hearing your inner voice/guidance/intuition. It can start to make you aware of where you are and where you might want to be. It can bring new ideas, clarity of thought, creativity, inspiration and focus. The method is so simple. Start by buying yourself a blank book and then all you do each morning (or when you have some time in the day) is to simply pour out onto the page whatever comes as you write, without thinking, judging or changing what flows onto the paper. You may wonder what these 'ramblings' are initially, but undoubtedly there will be some gems hidden within those words and over time the whole entry may be a wonderful insightful message or a huge wake up call. Try it you may be suprised by how effective it is.

It is highly personal and you may never want to share what you write, but i would like to share this entry with you as i loved what came up. It felt like a shamanic journey and was very vivid as i wrote, i just wrote what came as i saw it:

8th October 2009

"Seams of light pierce the dark, branches sway, tunnels with light pouring through where the roots of trees pierce the earth-seeping through the darkness, gently illuminating. The tunnel is earthy, delicious in its natural earthy smell and so gentle in its energy. It is delicious to touch, to feel, warm under my hand. I walk along the tunnel feeling the tree roots below my bare feet and i feel them along the walls of the tunnel with my hands, seeing them above my head. The earth is my base my friend, my nature-giving me security, love, the pulse of the earth. The gradient of the tunnel gets steeper as i start to climb, i can hear running water trickling then pouring past me-light filled, energy filled, healing filled water. It comes from a huge lake, a lake that changes colour from moment to moment. Pink to green, to golden blue, shimmering like jewels it yields gifts each time you visit- a parcel with scissors on a pink cushion. Scissors to cut the ties, psychic ties to all that traps you and holds you back. I see a web around me and these magic golden scissors imbued with love start to cut these ties, gently, softly, with love and ultimate kindness and compassion, releasing you from your past and past life grief, fear, anxiety, negative beliefs about yourself and others and the world. They gently unfurl and disappear and more appear in their place. After each lot have been released a golden cloak is wrapped around me to replace the space with golden healing light, nourishment and food for the soul and the body. I feel and then see people all around the edge of the lake in this underground cave. The water in the lake drains to reveal a huge crystal basin/cup. Shining white, tinged with blue, then every colour of the rainbow. Its like a shiney slide and the people (shamanic ancestors-men, women, children- there are power animals too eagles, bears, wolves,sheep, mice, spiders, horses, goats)start to slide from the top edges down into the bottom/centre and disappear. It seems they become part of me, my centre, they want to give me their knowledge, they have so much knowledge about the earth, healing, personal power, connection, nature, belief, power of intention and attraction. I slide down into the centre and become this magical shining medicine woman, capable of walking her magical talk, capable of speaking the wisdom of the ages/shamanic ancestory. I am on the back of an eagle flying up, up , up and we land on the top of a mountain from which we can see for miles and miles and miles. There is one tree on this rocky outcrop at the top and as we watch there are people/spirits appearing out of the clouds and out of thin air with multicoloured parachutes down into the landscape below. They carry messages of hope,love,joy, success, family, birth, rebirth,light, wonder, wisdom, teaching,-colour, ribbons of colour spread out from each person which then releases and floats out/gets absorbed by the atmosphere. Success, light, energy, health is yours to grab, to hold, to embrace. Work will come, trust, it has to be the absolute right thing for you, your family and your healing and your clients. The eagle flys away leaving me with many blessings of the ancient way-his sparkle and ability to laugh and to fly above the grit and the stuff is invaluable, soaring above, freeing you. Yet ribbons, coloured ribbons of joy, love, success and health hold you- a loose web that you know is there and you can draw in. You choose a multi coloured ribbon to slide down on into the web yet you always remain on top retaining your view and your insight."

Enjoy your morning pages and the messages it may bring.

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