Monday, 8 March 2010

Beings of light

Ok i know i am a little obsessed by this theme but i feel its because huge shifts are taking place not just in me but in our collective consciousness as we shift into a new level/higher vibration lots of stuff is coming up to be cleared out and it can be a painful process so i think the more that we can focus on light and light filled thoughts the better and remember that essentially:  

"We are all beings of light,
Just as the sun is the centre of our universe,
radiating its life giving energy down onto the earth,
light is also the substance of man's spirit, his soul,
it is the silent inner spring from which all love, compassion and creativity flows" 

Beings of light
We need not fear the future for we are made of the very essence of the universe.
We are shining stars, cells of a being of light, in or outside of our human bodies. We are love and goodness at our core and it is only our inaccurate seeing that hides this truth.
Sometimes our vision is foggy and we stiffen up, not daring to move. Sometimes a blinding hailstorm pummels us and we just want to take cover. Sometimes the glare of material life draws us like the song of a mythological siren, but it doesn't matter. No matter how we try to deny or hide or escape it, we're still cells in a body of light. There is a quiet centre within us, a cluster of light cells constantly broadcasting to our hearts and our minds " Come take my hand. Be at peace. I am love and i am within you always."  

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