Monday, 8 March 2010

Dreams of being next door

I miss my friends and family, it's just a fact and i feel quite alone sometimes without them even though i have my amazing husband and son, some wonderful friends here who i love and my husbands family. But somehow i need more. I am greedy i know, but i want more options. I want a large support network that i can easily tap into, those friends that i have known for years and love ( not that i don't love the new ones) and MY family. Somehow the idea of them not being here seeing us and my son on a regular basis is overwhelmingly sad. Just not being able to pick up the phone to them on a regular basis or at all because it is a long distance call and they have only mobile phones or to pop down the road, or even to drive a couple of hours to see them when you really need them is just a bummer, there are no two ways about it. I can tell myself that i am sooo lucky to live in a wonderful country, city etc (and i am, i really am)  and that perhaps in the UK i would also feel lonely, that we wouldn't nescessarily have work right now with the current economic crisis and it wouldn't nescessarily be any better. But nevertheless i know that it is familiar, people speak the language i grew up with ( i know Norwegians speak amazing english, but Norwegian is the language of life here and the culture is different, not vastly but it is) and knowing that i never had to be alone, that there would always be someone to call or go and see. I think when you have a child you are thrown so much back on yourself and when you move countries with a baby this can be even more the case, it is at this time that you need your network around you. Don't get me wrong it has been an amazing experience and i do love life here, but occasionally i dream of what it would be like to spend weekends with friends and family without having to wait a year, or to have to get on a plane first.
I don't know whether this is where we will live forever but i know we will probably be here for at least another 2-5 years as my husbands job is such a great place for him to be right now. For me the opportunities work wise are quite limited but this is where the power of manifestaion and timing also must come in (to give me some hope at least) and language learning of course. I am working on it. 
For now i can dream and know that over time my network here will also be strong and that as we find more baby sitters that there will just be more opportunities to join in on many social things and events that are going on that we just can't be a part of right now with a little one. We will then be able to see the friends that we do have here more often. Lastly I can make sure that i am keeping centred, grounded and happy in the small every day moments that makes one feel connected. Hugs with my son, time with my husband, contact with friends, spiritual connection and practices, eating blissful foods, getting out and about to run, to see people, to learn Norwegian and to work. The key for me right now is to manifest more work, now that i am feeling more and more energy and light filled. I have big dreams for it all, but i do know i am currently still in a cocoon of sorts before i can launch and i need to be patient.

On most days just knowing that those friends and family are there is often enough.

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