Sunday, 7 March 2010

My day

I had a lovely day today. A small face in mine roused me from sleep rubbing noses and searching out some skin to kiss, then little legs, arms and feet rolling over me in a ball to reach the floor, before small hands pulling me up coupled with an earnest "Mamaaaa, uppe". Small feet padding along the corridor and arms raised to be carried down stairs, not fully awake or enough to navigate this himself, although quite capable. A happy breakfast with music and the sun pouring in through the window as we had smoothies til our faces were covered and porridge with ground seeds and honey. The sun shining and the call to play with running games and squeals of laughter as small feet took off at "ready" or shouted "go" to instigate another and another and another race ending in a heap and giggles. Papa came to play and then they went sledging in the snow and the sun while mama curled back up into bed for a while to catch up on some lost sleep.  We then swapped as they piled into bed after some lunch ( and later to visit A's grandmother) while i went off to meet a lovely friend and her friend who was over from Paris, both animators and so lovely to be with. We went market shopping in Birkelunden (in Oslo), to drink coffee in a specialist coffee place ( and me to drink in the smell, i adore the smell and admire this place for its dedication to the art of coffeee making and drinking) and drinks at another lovely place ( a bar that sells milkshakes so cool). 

I left them after a while to wander more around this my favourite part of Oslo- Grunnerløkka, and bought quite by chance the most beautiful old enamel cream jug with red trim, reduced from 150 kroner ( about £15 ) to 40 kroner- £4- i love a bargain. ( sadly i can't upload an image of the actual jug)

Then i walked home via the veg and fruit markets in Grønland and bought our food for the week. I came home and cooked up a storm in the kitchen: Susan Jane Murrays Herby Millet Bread:  and a made up Vegetable Lasagna....layers of thin strips of courgette to cover the base of a dish, then a mushroom, spinach and feta mix, then a courgette layer, then sundried tomatoes with the spinach mix on top, courgette layers, real tomatoes, spinach layer then courgette until all was finished. Topped with a drizzle of olive oil. Baked for 20 minutes. I then curled up on the sofa to read ( knowing i had already made some yummy chocolate brownies yesterday for pudding) until the boys got home. We chatted over supper while Theo sat on my lap feeding himself and occasionally me, quick bath time with splashing and maybe a little washing and then small one wrapped in a large fluffy towel, into pyjamas and then snuggling up for stories before lights out and sleep.......a blissful day.

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