Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Today my morning pages have been filled with thoughts of the Archangel Metatron and the need to tap into the angelic wisdom that he carries. I had a strong impression of a powerful internal energising force or fire, the energy of transformation and forward movement, of personal power and strength, but i needed to look further to see what others had to say.

Diana Cooper, author of "A New Light on Angels", says that Archangel Metatron is currently blazing his gold orange light to help us to step up to the new energy that has been pouring in with the current shift in consciousness. In this interview with Lilou Mace, Diana Cooper talks a little about this shift and there is a wonderful interview of Diana Cooper on the Virtual Life broadcast here given in November 2009 about her life, angels and orbs.

Doreen Virtue also works with angels and angelic wisdom and says that Metatron is a miraculous archangel with time-bending and motivational abilities. "Metatron’s energy is strong and highly focused, like a laser beam. He’s very motivational, and will encourage you to overcome proctastination and to take bold steps forward. He’s also philosophical and can help you understand things like other people’s motivations for action, and why different situations occur."
"He has also been called “the Angel of the Presence.” Metatron records everything that happens on Earth and keeps it in the Akashic records (also known as The book of Life). "Metatron is a fiery, energetic angel who works tirelessly to help Earth’s inhabitants. He acts as an intermediary between Heaven and Earth, since he’s had extensive experience as both a human and an angel. As such, he helps us understand Heaven’s perspective, and to learn how to work with the angelic realm. Metatron has a special place in his heart for children, especially those who are spiritually gifted." From Doreen Virtue’s book Archangels and Ascended Masters.

Archangel Metatron is also said to be able to help you connect to your own truth and higher self if you ask.
Metatron reminds us that everything begins with a thought. This angel sparks our imagination and fuels our own powers of manifestation. How very apt for me right now as i have a few things that i would like to focus on and manifest!

Here is a beautiful guided meditation by Diana Cooper with the archangel Metatron.

Below is another meditation to help you work with the Archangel Metatron:

1. Find a place where you can be quiet and left undisturbed.

2. Sit quietly with the palms of your hands facing up in a receptive position.

3. Imagine that you are breathing in Metatron’s light, see a beautiful orange colour,
and on the out breath sense your aura filling with this energy.

4. Relax as you visualise this orange light glowing round you.

5. Invoke Metatron with the words. ‘I now invoke the mighty Metatron to connect with me and touch me with his light.’

6. Be quiet and still. You may receive a touch, impression, thoughts or whispers or you may simply feel calm.

7. Sense your Stellar Gateway opening wide and  visualise the light from all the stars shining down into it.

8. Allow the light of all the stars in the cosmos to merge and pour down through you into your feet.

9. Let it flow down into your Earth Star chakra and deep into the earth.

10. Then visualise the combined light moving through the leylines in the earth and rising up to pour out of sacred sites and portals all over the planet like wondrous coloured fountains.

11. When you have completed your work, thank Archangel Metatron and open your eyes.

Focus and attention
Spiritual understanding/acceptance of ones spirital gifts by becoming more connected to oneself
Transformation and change

Tap into Metatrons healing and angelic wisdom today

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