Friday, 12 March 2010

Happy Times

So my husband and i went out last night together for the first time in well over 6 months. That really is quite a mad length of time when you think about it. But thank heaven for baby sitters when they do appear and luckily in the next few weeks we have two more nights out booked in yipeeeeeee.
I can't tell you how lovely it was. He arranged it all and i had no idea where we would be going or what we would be doing until we arrived, i only knew where and when i should meet him. He took me to a wonderful Thai restaurant with truly delicious food. It took us both back to our honeymoon in Bali (June 2007) where we ate food like that every day, in fact our honeymoon can be charted by the delicious meals that we indulged in wherever we went fresh, light and cheap cheap cheap (and the massages,  aaaah the bliss of it all).

We chatted for hours which is something we haven't done for ages. I mean we talk all the time but there is always some distraction or we are konking out after a long day or it's in and around things we have to do. It is just very different to talk together when you are out and sharing a meal.

We then walked across the city, something that i adore, walking through the streets at night taking different routes and seeing things you might not normally see by taking the most direct route. We came across a gallery of wonderful paintings and a huge health food shop called Røtter in St Hanshaugen that stays open until 9pm every night. Here we bought some raw vegan chocolate brownies yuuuuum and the guy working there gave me a whole heap of help about alternative health clinics to approach for work. One of them was called the Frøya clinic, how appropriate is that!!

We ended up at a pub called the Underwater pub in St Hanshaugen, which was cool enough in itself, but on thursdays (and tuesdays) opera singers from the opera school, or like last night opera singers who are visiting Oslo or who usually work in Oslo, just come and sing. It was incredible, they were so good and it was just such a wonderfully different experience. Read a review of the place here.

The Under Water Pub, Dalsbergstien 4,0170 Oslo. Contact Tel: 22 46 05 26

Yeah for lovely husbands and for babysitters. I had forgotten just how wonderful it is to go out in the evening and on a date with my husband. Of course i had been longing for it but now more than ever i realise just how important it is to do it as much as possible.

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