Friday, 8 October 2010

Baby Love

I hope my son never has to guess how much we love him, i hope it's entirely obvious just how much we adore him from the amount of love and hugs that my husband and i wrap him in every day. We also definately tell him enough verbally and in turn he has started to say "luv you mama, luv you papa", which makes us both melt. But it is of course about so much more than that, it's about time spent with him, just being together and being there for him. I think it's such a privilage to be with children and your own children in particular, they give you so much and you learn such a huge amount from them. They are completely in the moment and so honest in their communication. What fun to have the excuse to run through puddles together, play pooh sticks, build camps, play hide and seek in the dark, read bedtime stories by torchlight and roll around on the floor giggling until your tummy hurts. 

It doesn't mean it's all heaven, infact there are hard moments when you can feel stretched beyond your limits, but it's a learning process from day to day being a parent and you can only do your best in each moment, because as a great book says raising our children raises ourselves.
After working for so many years with children who haven't had love and care from the beginning it makes me feel how crucial it is that children have a loving stable environment and know just how much they are loved.

The most telling way that a child can show that they've soaked up a lot of love is by how happy and secure they are and we felt that from the beginning the attachment way of parenting would help Theodore have that sense of security. It meant that i breastfed Theodore on cue, we wore him in a sling ( for a good 6 months before we bought a pram and then we've continued to wear him in the sling off and on since then) and we had him in our bed at night, it was much easier and more relaxing to breastfeed that way as it meant neither of us had to wake up fully and we would both fall asleep again quickly. Even now that he is in his own room, when he wakes up in the night he comes into our bed. It is heavenly to cuddle up with him and share those sleepy moments especially in the early mornings when kisses and hugs come thick and fast.

Guess how much i love you?Nah it should be felt in every pore just how much one is loved. But of course the book is utterley cute, so do check it out!

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