Sunday, 10 October 2010

Sunday's Entertainment

In these days when my husband has to work more weekends than not, i try to fill them with seeing friends and with fun things for Theodore and i to do. This weekend it turned out that all of my friends were away or were busy so we were left to our own devices. It was fun though and here are a few of the things that we got up to in Oslo today:

On sundays The International Museum of Children's Art at Frøen has drop in art and music workshops between 11&4pm (and for older children there was also a storytelling session).

The museum is pioneering namely because it's perhaps the first, full scale, public museum of child art, but also because it attempts to let children determine what they make and to include all of the material that's produced. They set a general theme such as "Father", "Familiy", "Disaster" - to stimulate children to begin making art and then they exhibit whatever the children make in response. The result is a remarkable variety and quantity of material from over 150 different cultures.

Theo and i really enjoyed playing upstairs in the puppet room with toys from all around the world and we also spent a while at the drumming workshop. We were packed together with lots of other children, each with their own drum or seated around one of the big drums like us and following the man leading the workshop. He showed the children how to use the drums by playing with different rhythms and how much strength was used. He was good, but after a while Theodore found the noise too overwhelming so we went out and watched from outside where the volume was distinctly reduced.  

We walked back home from the west side of the city to the east and on the way discovered this 'new' cafe (as of this summer) called the Laundromat Cafe in Bislett. It's a Danish concept combining a laundry with a cafe and the possibility of accessing the internet. It also suprisingly has a large library, with over 3,000 Norwegian and international magazines and books available. It looks informal, relaxed and seems to be where many beautiful people hang out! Through the window one can see rows of books and dark brown wooden walls, flowered wallpaper and retro armchairs, although where the washing machines are i'm not so sure. It reminded me of lazy sundays in London when my husband and i would sometimes hang out in Queens Park, first at the Farmers market where we went for fresh veggies, fruit, cakes and other delicious things and then would grab a coffee and read the sunday papers somewhere.

We actually ended up eating at the Vega Cafe, a vegetarian restaurant that offers a huge buffet lunch for very little on sundays. We had a delicious soup and a vegan and a gluten free lasagna which made our tummies very happy.

By the time we got to Grunerløkka Theo was asleep and i was able to happily browse through beautiful handmade thingsat the sunday market by the river outside the club Blå. It's open every sunday and before christmas both saturday and sunday. Here you can find Knit wear, jewellery, ceramics, glass, wool, clothes, toys, paintings, bags etc. There are always a few stalls selling waffles, jam and coffee too which makes the experience more pleasant in the winter. Sadly i had no cash with me, otherwise i would have come home with some adorable felt baby booties.

Finally we came home to make Boller with papa, which was a big hit with Theodore having not seen him all weekend.

 What did you get up to this sunday?

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