Saturday, 30 October 2010

Chai Lattes

I just love a good chai latte with its comforting spices and soft frothy steamed milk. Infact since moving to Norway, wow it's two years ago now this month, i have become a little bit obsessed by Chai Lattes with yummy frothy soya milk. It wasn't until i moved here that i suddenly found myself going so much more to cafes to meet people or just to get out of the cold and have some company when Theodore was a baby. It was such a pleasure then to find that since i last visited Norway soya milk had become so much more common and chai tea seemed to be everywhere.

 The last time i'd had chai tea was when i was 19 years old and living in India. There we would watch people in the village brewing up the milk with cinnamon sticks, spices, loose black tea and a whole mound of sugar. Back then i wasn't so aware that ordinary milk didn't do me much good i just knew that i loved the initial comforting feeling of drinking hot milky tea with delicious spices on a cold day or shared with friends. Infact chai tea seemed to be a part of every gathering whether it was with people you knew or shared with a shop keeper trying to entice you to buy their products. What a fabulous sales tactic, lulled into comfort and familiarity by sharing a cup of steaming tea,  it worked almost every time.
I went through a phase after that of just wanting herbal teas and especially when i discovered that milk wasn't so good for me i avoided black teas, that is until i discovered hot frothy soya milk at Starbucks
(aah i know but there they enticed me with delicious soya hot chocolate and i am ashamed to say that i sucumbed..many a time!)

Anyway i am well and truly hooked by these frothy chai lattes with a sprinkling of cinnamon on top, especially at this time of year when you just need a delicious comforting option! 

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