Friday, 8 October 2010

When things change

So Torgerstuen, my favourite cafe in Oslo, is no more. Well i say no more, but that's not strictly true because to all intents and purposes it's the same as it was before. The full contents of the cafe and the concept were sold along with the building to new owners this month, but sadly for now i feel that there the resemblance ends. The cafe really is not the same without the original owners and creators, sisters Mette and Trine, and their wonderful friend Bruno who was the chef there. They created a place that was warm, welcoming and completely unique because they made it so and i don't just mean because of the decoration or the food.

The new owners have kept the menu the same and the look of the place too with flowers in jars and jugs all over the cafe, but even though they are trying to emulate the idea of what used to be for now it just seems like a hollow replica and no longer the haven that it once was without Mette, Trine and Bruno to flesh it out. For this reason i feel that somehow it was not such a wise thing for the new owners to have bought a concept, despite it's success, when it doesn't seem that they are at totally at home with it or have the imagination to flesh it out into something real.  Of course i am being harsh because i felt that this place was a home from home, a place where i could go when i first moved to Oslo to be seen by lovely people when i was very much alone all day with my baby son. I loved going there and i loved the people that ran it. To be fair i know that it will take time for the new owners to find their feet and really make the place their own, but for now i will mourn the loss of my favourite cafe and hope that the new one will eventually come up trumps,  but in it's own way.

Thank you for those two lovely years Torgerstuen!

Update: I have since been back many a time to the new Torgerstuen now called Det Grønne Kjokken ( The green kitchen) and they have very much made it their own. The owner Omar is charming and i think the food continues to be delicious. It is still a lovely cafe to hang out in and i recommend it highly.

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