Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Aaaah the stupidity

 I adore a bargain and today i found the most wonderful Voksi bag (for the uninitiated a Voksi is an amazing wool lined sleeping bag for a pram to keep your baby warm and toastey in the winter) for almost nothing in a local charity shop.

Yeah i thought to myself a true steal and one more thing off my list to get as i'll now have something to keep the new baby warm this winter if i choose to have him in a pram or just something cosy for him to lie on or wrap him up in, in the house.

We were so lucky when we moved to Norway because we were given an Urban Voksi for Theodore, the latest in the Voksi range,which was a total godsend. Even though we've had to replace it twice (for free, no questions asked) because the original zips broke, they have now redesigned the zips and we have hopefully exchanged the bag for the final time. It's meant though that essentially we've had a whole new bag with better zips for free even though it was purchased over 2 years ago now.

Urban Voksi
Urban Voksi in a pram

BUT having got such a wonderful bargain i'm not sure what i was thinking when i decided to wash the duvet (and not on the delicate cycle as one would obviously do with anything wool) and promptly shrunk it from its former delicious fluffy duvet glory to a severely reduced looking specimen which will no longer fit the cover or perhaps do it's job. I'm SO cross with myself and wonder where i left my brain for those moments when i rammed it into the machine. Its not the first item to have suffered this way and sadly i'm sure it wont be the last, but for now i am greatly mourning the loss of rather a nice Voksi bag and an amazing bargain.

 Any tips about how to get the Voksi back to it's former glory?

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