Monday, 1 November 2010

Moon in my room

I have been searching for interesting children's lights for Theodore's room for some time now as his current lamp just doesn't work as a beside lamp and we want to make his room really nice for him before his little brother arrives. In my search i came across this wonderful "Moon in my room" wall lamp on the Squidoo website, although it seems to be available to buy from amazon. It's so perfect that i would love to have it in our room....hmmm maybe that is a distinct possibility as Theo spends most of the night in our bed anyway!

I also love these Space wall murals also seen here on the Squidoo website:
and while we are on this theme i rather like this rocket light too, available here:

I am sure there are many more websites out there to trawl through, but the Moon in my room wall lamp does seems rather perfect to me right now. 

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