Sunday, 21 November 2010

Attached in order for freedom

I loved carrying Theodore in a sling from day one and we still carry him in one occasionally, on long walks for example when it isn't practical to bring a pram or when the snow gets too much for the pram in the Norwegian winters, or when he needs to get close and feel safe. It was wonderfully snug and cosy for him when he was a newborn and so practical as he was a baby that rarely slept. It meant that i could cuddle him and still do some things around the house or get out and about with him with no fuss. We didn't have a pram until he was alot older as we'd decided that we wanted to try a sling first and we definately didn't need one for a while. After trying a few different cloth slings we were recommended the Kari Me sling which was actually a dream to use.

I love the fact that it is so easy to use (once you have tied it a few times) and that it packs away into a small pouch when you don't need it. It is versatile in terms of the different positions that you can have your baby/toddler in, you can breastfeed with the baby in the sling and it is so snug and cosy for both you and your baby. 

When Theodore got to about 7 months old he became a little too heavy in the Kari Me sling for me to comfortably carry him around, so i started looking around for another one. Although we were given a metal framed one not long after this which is like a rucksack carrier for babies it was still quite heavy to carry him in and impossible to travel with so i went back to my search. All of the reviews i read raved about the Ergo baby carrier, so after much thought we ordered ours. We haven't looked back.

It was fabulous from day one, so light and easy to use and it took the strain off my shoulders which meant that i could carry him around for hours with no adverse affect or pain. It was brilliant. Infact i still use it occasionally with Theodore, although i think now i would order the new sports version because as it has a higher back. See this review of the improvements.

The Ergo baby carrier can be used from birth, although i think that i will still use the Kari Me with the new baby as it more cocooning for a newborn and i am not convinced that they should be in the above position until they are a little older...

There are of course many slings on the market but the Kari Me and the Ergo are my favourite!
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